Wikipedia Essay Topics

Wikipedia for references?

The world is entering a new era after the invention of internet. People start to change their ways of livings as long as internet provides efficiency and convenience. For example, we can use online banking instead of lining up for bank service; we can purchase goods on the internet which will be delivered to you… View Article

Analysis Paper, Wikipedia

Launched on 15 January 2001, Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia that uses the web platform for online users to access. Boasting with over 26 million pieces of writing in 285 languages, Wikipedia has transformed to be a giant in the field of search engines optimization technology. The open source concept that it rides have made… View Article

Summary: Improving Wikipedia’s Credibility

This paper presents a summery of the article “Improving Wikipedia’s Credibility: References and Citations in a Sample of History Articles” by Brendan Luyt and Daniel Tan. The author has made an attempt to assess the credibility of the references and citations that different Wikipedia writers use to prove their claims. It has been found that… View Article

Active Perception

The Wikipedia article on perception defined passive perception theory which states that perception is a phenomenon that results from a sequence of events. First, the sensory information is taken in which the senses process and interpret. After processing the information, a response to the information is generated. The best way to illustrate this theory is… View Article

What are the benefits of Garlic

According to Wikipedia the free encyclopedia in the article Garlic on WWW, Allium sativum the common Garlic belongs to the family Alliaceae and genus Allium, grown as a perennial and used for both culinary and medicinal purposes. The underground storage structures called head comprising of cloves are consumed. Strong pungent odor and taste of garlic… View Article