Why unions are important?

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Unionism is the coming together of people of the same like in terms of age, social status, people of common goal and focus at a particular time in the phase of achievement in life. It could be in the school, at work, or within religious body. Union is an organized non-governmental association, governs by a unanimous sacrosanct constitution containing the mode of selection of its eligible leaders, the function of each elected or selected leader, and appropriate benefits for committed members.

A group without leaders is such like a flock without shepherd.

Each member of a union meets regularly to discuss common goal of interest to assist in the well-being of her members. It is cumbersome for union members of one thousand population strength to go rowdy on a singular purpose. Delegates are sent to perform such representation thereby assisting others in information relay to appropriate quarters while yet the members carry on with their works. Unionism gives a sense security to members.

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The security ranges from social, economic, home, et cetera.

Each member needing any form of assistance is free to table the request on the floor of the union congress for delegation and appropriate solution thereafter follows. It pays to belong to a union of like mind, like passion and same focus. The more union one belongs, the more the commitment and the wider the benefit. Unions stand to defend individual right as a collective right. Slogan such as ‘injury to one is injury to all’ is sometimes used to denotes the mannerism with which a wounded or cheated member will be perceived as an injury to the entire union strength.

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Why unions are important?

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