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Why Talking and Listening Are Important for Children’s Learning

Talking and listening are very important in a child’s life as it helps him to communicate. The ability to communicate effectively is very important and has a vital role in a child’s life. When a child is born he communicates through his cry and gradually he expresses his discomfort, pleasure by crying, smiling, and bodily movement. In order to communicate effectively, a child needs to express himself. And as the child grows up, his way of communication develops through talking and listening.

As practitioners, we need to nurture their talking and listening skills by providing various resources, activities, and games so that they develop good communication skills, express themselves clearly and confidently in every aspect of life.

Below are some of the reasons why talking and listening are important for children’s development:-

Improves language and communication: Talking and listening skill helps to improve language and communication. The more the child talks to other the more his vocabulary be enriched which ultimately results to communicate him well.

If a child is encouraged to talk about what he is doing, or what he is reading, how he is doing something, he will become free to express himself and become fluent while talking to others.

Develops literacy and comprehension: As the child grows up when he starts talking and listening more and more he comes to know new words phrases. He can develop this skill by watching stories, reading storybooks, talking to others. Then he begins to comprehend the meaning and later on he uses those words and phrases when communicating with others.

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Thus talking and listening helps to develop literacy and comprehension skills.

Develops attention span: Proper listening develops the attention power of the kids. When they listen carefully to something they concentrate on that topic, try to understand the meaning. They pay attention to that topic and try to interact.

Help in Social development: When the child grows up as much as he will be active in talking and listening with other friends, teachers, other persons he gets into contact, he begins to interact with them, and thus there will be an easy bonding between them which helps in their social development. The child gathers information based on that interaction about the nature, behavior of that person. In a word, he gets to know the person more and more and makes an easy flowing relationship with them which helps the child to fit in the society.

Help to build self-confidence: Proper talking and listening help a child to feel confident. If a child suffers in talking and communicating with others he finds himself to be cornered and develops low self-esteem. On the other hand, a child with good talking and listening skills develops self-confidence and self-esteem.


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