Why Nations Go To War Essay

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Why Nations Go To War

There are often people who ask the big question, “Why do nations feel the need to go to war? ” One of the main reasons for this question comes from the loss of life that comes with it. However, on an opinionated theory I have concluded that a larger portion of why a nation decides to go to war would be to expand their territory. They could even be trying to gain freedom for their nation. Many times nations use scarcity of resources in their own country to justify warring with another nation for theirs. Regardless, the nations that begin a war will always be able to provide some reason for the fighting.

As stated, territorial expansion is one of the main reasons I believe that nations wage war. Whether it is to prove dominance, or out of jealousy. Larger territories provide for the conquering nation to create a bigger and stronger nation. In some cases, they want to take territory from another nation to make them weak, and unable to stay caught up with the rest of the world. By taking what other nations have, there is the possibility to shut them out. Somewhat in relation to territorial gain, is the possibility to acquire new resources. Having access to more resources like coal, iron, oil, and steel would lead to a larger expanse of trade.

This would feed a nation greater sum of money so they could better afford any expenses. At times, war could be caused to take resources from others because the attacking nation has very little of their own. Most wars that are based upon the gain of resources end up devastating the environment they are held in. Lastly, war issues could result from a fight for freedom, this derives from nations wanting the right to self govern themselves. Most times this is due to the abusive control of another oppressive power. Some enslaved nations wish to be free so they can do what was done to them.

Eventually they may reach a strong enough point to create their own imperialistic movement. This can also lead to a never ending cycle of fighting for freedom, then turning that new power upon others. Do you have the ability to decipher why a nation chooses to go to war? People often think they know why nations go to war, but can they support their own opinion? I support the connections I made myself with ideas of territorial issues, the need for resources, and the want to truly be free. No matter what issues result in war. They will most likely cause feelings of hatred and resentment between combating nations.

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