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Why Instagram is So Popular Through Social Networks

Instagram is a social media platform with one billion active users. Usually, photos and videos are shared on Instagram.
The reason why Instagram is so loved by people is that it makes photos and videos more beautiful thanks to many filters. and you can also post your shared posts on Facebook, Twitter, Flicker and Tumblr. You can also share instant stories on Instagram. Instagram is a free application. It has a social network feature. Because there are also three features specific to social networks on Instagram.

These are interactivity, sharing and participation.

Instagram has become so popular; nowadays 80 million photos are shared and three and a half billion likes are made. These values are increasing day by day. Half a billion people actively use Instagram daily, most of them teenagers. Its value is over $ 10 billion.
One of the most fun and important topics of Instagram; we are curious about the lives of celebrities and want to learn the latest news instantly.

For example, Kylie Jenner is one of the most followers in the world and the youngest billionaire in the world. So his life is quite a in mind. An active Instagram user with 172 million followers. In addition, since it has its own cosmetic brand, it appeals to more women users. If you are curious about the life of a celebrity, Instagram is the most fun and easy way.

To give another example, it is a platform where the most current events of the world are shared. Instagram is an easy way to learn about natural disasters, economics or your interests.

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For example, if there are countries you want to go to, you can get information by reading some comments and articles written below the photos, videos and shares.

If we talk about the rhizomatic structure of social networks, social media, even direct internet, is an unlimited platform with uncertain beginning and end. Everything on the internet is interconnected. But as ı said, it is uncertain and infinite. In fact, the internet is something that grows in parallel. There is no hierarchy.

The internet is variable and can constantly change the structure. They can find a different platform and communication channels that can always be connected. This is an example of flexibility.

Secondly, the internet’s ability to change size may be due to the fact that all platforms are interconnected. Because when the network data decreases or weakens, a dimensional growth and shrinkage is seen immediately. And this is an example of scalability. Finally, as I said before since there is no hierarchical order, There is no common center to connect networks. Therefore they can act and execute the network system. this is an example of survivability.

In fact, they all form the rhizomatic structure and ensure the correct and complete progress of the system. Instagram is a horizontal network. Because people can share something, comment, and express their opinions. Ekşisözlük is an example of horizontal networks on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

If we give an example to vertical networks, they are platforms that are state-bound and we cannot share anything, that is, we cannot express our opinion. such as e-devlet, e-okul etc. To summarize, all these network connections we mentioned all work perfectly interconnected without the need for a center. They cannot move independently because they grow in parallel. Because they have a flexible and scalable structure, they can provide comfort and use by themselves as if they are managed. We need more internet because we are in quarantine because of the internet of our lives and this coronavirus. We spend a lot of time on the Internet in every sense. We handle many of our works online such as shopping, working, lessons over the Internet. Now, social media is the most important platform for us to communicate. Communication is really the foundation of our life. We need social media in these difficult days. To stay up to date, communicate and have fun. In short, in this globalized world, life without the internet is not possible.

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