What Patriotism means to me?

Do you believe in the love for your country? All the soldiers and heroes that are out there in the world fighting for our freedom? The respect and the courage that you may have. Patriotism is like an infection that travels around from one body to another and you can’t cure it with any medication.

To me patriotism basically means the love and care for one’s country. Although it may have other definitions, the real and main one is “the love and devotion for your country”.

Being patriotic means not only wearing the flag as a pin, putting it up on your yard or saying the national anthem like most people do, It really means caring for the soldiers and everyone that helps this country be free, also to give out your love and potential to your country.

There are a lot of examples and symbols that patriotism can mean to me or to anyone in this world. For example, September 11, the United States flag, the Statue of Liberty and many more are symbols of patriotism.

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I think that patriotism has grown more since 9/11 the day that changed the world, and that it is going to keep on growing more and more throughout the years to come. A married couple is like patriotism because they can’t decide on the right choice or also like each other about how they are.

Martin Luther King Jr. had the courage to lead a movement against segregation he also had the courage to tell us what was wrong and what we did right.

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To me that is real patriotism because he was willing to fight for our country and love it equally among others. “If we love our country, we should also love our countrymen” is a famous quote by Ronald Reagan that I think describes patriotism because it simply means love one another equally. So to me patriotism means the love for your county, it also means many other different things to one another. Remember you can be patriotic if you love and respect your country by just basically caring.

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