What Influences Men to Abandon Their Children? An Analysis of My Father, No Show

As I began to read My father, No show I thought about how Castro would be envious of friends for having their fathers take them to movies or just spending time together. He new his mom did the best she could and tried to be strong and fill the void of having no father, but Castro was still a very hurt child and resentful of other kids for what they had and he did not. In what I know of Castro and what he became and felt as an adult he would have turned out more resentful in life had it not been for a mother who loved him and tried her hardest to take care of him enough for two parents.

As Castro started to approach adulthood he became more and more interested in finding his father. Castro got one brief call to talk to his father and after that nothing because his father didn't want him.

This left Castro very hurt, disappointed and angry.

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In the end though, just that brief contact with his father taught Castro a lot about being a man. What Castro learned is that any boy can make a baby but it takes a man to be a father and it takes a true man not to run away from his responsibilities. As Castro grew up he felt that he was like all the other kids that don't have fathers.

He wanted to know all the things every child wants to know when finding and learning about a father.

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Which is who are they, why did the leave them behind and never once contact them to say hi, and the more important question how could they leave without looking back? Any child that grows up without a father just wants to know did they ever even once wonder about them or did they even love them at all. Castro felt just like any other kid, why me? In some communities men do not have any responsibility for the children they father. Part of the reason men don't have any responsibility for their children has to do with the mothers because times have changed and women have became more independent and want to raise their children by themselves.

Another reason is people have more rights now then they used to so it is hard to get men to do the right thing without having to take them to court and a lot of mothers do not want to put their children through and endless court battle. Some social forces actually encourage men to not take responsibility for their children.

An example of this would be when you see a commercial advertising guy's night out and the men are talking about how it's not cool to be held down with a wife and child or when you are reading a magazine article about how much money you will lose spending it on another person for their life. Most men do not like to be held down by another human being. People do not level much blame at men for abandoning their children because in this century women have all the rights to the child. So if the mother does not want the father involved then how can the father be held responsible for something he has no choice in. In Castro's case though his father chose to abandon him but in the end he chose to let go of all the harsh feelings and learned the difference between being a boy and being a man.

Updated: Jan 13, 2023
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What Influences Men to Abandon Their Children? An Analysis of My Father, No Show essay
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