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zero-sum theorists supports to the belief that the students who dedicate their time to sports or any other physical activity. thereby lessen time spent in academic pursuits inevitably demonstrate lower educational ability than non-athletes. sports is not the only pursuit in which adolescents partake.. students-athletes should be counselled on how to manage their time effectively on campus; and coaches should ensure that student-athletes are not over worked physically and emotionally during training and competitions. the after-school organizations should be separated into categories: athletic academic interest-based and service-based there is a weak correlation between percent of participation in the organization and academic self-concept.

a students positive-concept about themselves will show in their academics. the level of student participation in sports activities had a weak correlation with the student participation in the organization. the combined intervention had better results that the individual intervention. all intervention showed large effects when all academic scores where combined note and the combined condition showed positive results on all dependent variables.

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a researcher from. the participation in athletics is motivating student-athletes in the classroom in terms of better time management and motivation attend classes. the school systems might provide equally beneficial environments for non-athletes or how they might allow more opportunities for all students involvement in activities which support achievement .teachers of student-athletes are ideally placed to observe stresses faced by these students but little is published about teacher perspective on this topic. teachers identified five main areas where student-athletes required dedicated support. revealed critical information about the similarities and differences in their perspectives compared to those of student-athletes and parents.

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student-athletes participation was has a value to the students. some of athlete-students can not manage their time correctly due to pressure and stressed. others can do balance and manage their schedule because they are motivated or confident. some of them does not really prioritize their academic mostly important for them is to pass the subject or the average score to be qualified. guardians or parents must know their performances especially in school. the purpose of the study is to help the student-athletes to be more motivated and inspired. also to educate them to manage their time precisely.

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