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What Environmental Problems Does Your Area Face

Categories: EnvironmentPollution

Nowadays environmental problems have become one of the most urgent problems of modern society. We are living in the century of the technological progress, people go straight in development, all they think about is making their life more convenient for themselves. That is why they have forgotten one of the most valuable things– the environment. I live in the capital of Russia, in Moscow. Now it is one of the largest cities in the world with the population more than 14’000’000 of people.

It is obvious, that in Moscow there are a lot of environmental problems as air pollution, radioactive pollution, toxic pollution etc It is undeniable that the main problem of Moscow is the pollution of air. The number of automobiles in Moscow is growing from year to year, and ecologists predict that in some years it will plunge in smoke.

In my view, such situation is very dangerous for inhabitants because air pollution can harm lung development in children, can help cause early childhood asthma, and can produce a range of respiratory symptoms in children and adults.

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I think the main solution to the posed problem is to increase the popularity of public transport. It is true that recycling of waste is another important problem in my local area. Who enjoy living in dump?

This problem recently began to get huge values because the development of his industry is accompanied by growth of industrial wastes, and it is not possible to dump all waste products in one big heap, that is why this problem has to be solved somehow.

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In my opinion, of course city government should build new special factories, but the citizens should also remember that it is shameful to litter in their hometown. In summary it is necessary to tell, that in Moscow there are many problems and they need to be urgently addressed. Unless there is significant change soon, the quality of air will continue to worsen.

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What Environmental Problems Does Your Area Face

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