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We just had a really successful victory we have pushed the Abyssal

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“We just had a really successful victory, we have pushed the Abyssal Fleets away from Japan, this calls for a celebration. All members who had participated in the operation please report to the gardens.” I said as I spoke through the microphone. Everyone was invited but for some reason, Kaga didn’t want to participate. Even with this huge victory, I was saddened by the fact that we couldn’t budge the Abyssals out of the philippines. The operation for that push had failed leaving Kaga heavy damaged from the Abyssal’s counter attacks, well thankfully she did not sink during that battle.

I walked back to the office and I saw a small shop. Hmm, how about staying with here while bringing something for her hard work out there at sea. Of course, the is going to be sake at the party and I am afraid that someone might force me to drink some. At the end, I decided to stay with her tonight and buy her a bottle of sake and a cheesecake thinking that she likes sweets.

I entered the room, Kaga was sitting by the desk, she wasn’t expecting to see me.

“I thought you were joining the others” said Kaga

“Well, I decided to join you besides, I am a non-alcoholic. Here I brought you something for you hard work”

I took out the sake and cheesecake, Kaga looked at it. I then noticed something on her face. “Ah, Kaga, could you hold still for a moment,” I took out a clean cloth and cleaned up the oily grease off her cheek, “there, now that solves the problem.

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That must have been some battle.”

“Yeah… T-Thank you.” said Kaga, she then turned her head away facing down

“Um· Kaga-san, are you okay, is there something wrong?”

Kaga immediately looked at me, “Yeah, I’m fine.”

She took the sake and took a sip of it, while eating the cake.

I looked at her again, she didn’t seem to be that comfortable. “Um Kaga-san, are you sure there isn’t something wrong”, she didn’t respond, she finished up the cake. My, she is a quick eater. She seemed to be thinking about something. I wonder what. I started to look towards the moon outside of the window, it was a beautiful night. Then, there was a sudden weight on my back. I turned my head around, and I saw Kaga with an empty bottle in her hand.

“Kaga, is something wrong?” Her face was a bit red, was she mad at me?

“Nothing, oh it’s alright. Really, no problem.”

Kaga seems to be a little bit dizzy. “K-Kaga-san, are you drunk?” Kaga then pulled me down onto the futon, “I’m· hic drunk you say?”

Oh boy, this is going to be tough. I have a drunk Kaga in my room, I hope she isn’t doing what I am thinking that she’s going to do. Kaga then kneeled down.

“Admiral, why did you not join the others?” asked Kaga.

“Huh, what do you mean. Didn’t I already tell you.”

Kaga then sat down beside me and started to lean on me on the shoulders, “Yes there is that, but I don’t think that was why you came to join me”

Oh my, she saw me through, “W-What do you mean by that” Kaga then started staring at me.

“Admiral, what do you think of me?”

“Kaga, you do seem a bit drunk”

“I’m not drunk, I won’t be able to ask without this type of situation”

Oh god no, how did things turn out to be like this.

“Or should I ask this, do you· like me?” asked Kaga

“W-Why would I think of such things?”

“Well, you actions proves it though. You have been saving me, phrasing me, repairing me, and the hanger bay incident…”

“Wha· I· Your life was at stake! I· didn’t have any ulterior motives·”

“I know. That’s why I forgave you.”

“So your not mad at me anymore”

“Well, I could of,” I guess she really forgave me, “by the way, what are you exactly planning to do with that black box in your desk?”

I looked at her with shock, “Y-You opened it didn’t you”

“I could of, but I didn’t get the chance” said Kaga

Whew, the secret is still a secret.

“But admiral, clearly and honestly answer my question before” said Kaga.

“So, you want to know my personal feelings towards you. Am I correct?”

Kaga nodded, “Or, you can answer this. Admiral, do you· love me,” said Kaga all of a sudden, “not as a ship, but me?”

“Why do you even want to know?”

“It’s because… I love· you. Not as the admiral but you.”

I didn’t know what to say, I had a really warm feeling in my heart, “I· my apologies Kaga-san, even though it is you, I am unable to give my response to you right now” Kaga didn’t say anything, so I continued. “So when the time comes, please wait for me and I will explain my feelings and the black box to you. The fact that I couldn’t say anything other than this, I’m quite the useless one huh…but someday that day will· huh?” Kaga leaned towards me and gave me a hug, she hasn’t come that close to me for a long time but the feeling felt great.

“That much is enough, I’ll wait for you,” Kaga then fell on top of me, “but now that I had forgiven you for looking at my hangar bay, do you forgive me, for failing the entire operation?”


“We had to retreat because of my major damage. It was all my fault, if it weren’t for me, it would have been a successful battle·”

“What are you talking about? You’ve already done the best you can. Always at the front, always protecting the other ships, and getting hurt all the time. I’ve seen everything.” It’s because whenever you close your eyes calmly, you close up your heart. Suddenly, drips of tears came down her face, surprised by her reaction, I did what I mostly do to those who cry. I started to pat her back while stroking her hair, “Good girl, good girl.” Helping you letting your heart out like this, I think of it as the one role I take pride in.

“Admiral, I·” she then fell on top of me.

“Kaga?” I shook her a bit, she didn’t respond. She fell asleep on top of me! Well it is going to be weird sleeping like this, I had to get up. “Good night, Kaga-san” I tried to get up to turn off the lights, but I couldn’t move at all, Kaga-san was hugging me really tight. Thank goodness that the lights turn off automatically, but despite that, this is still going to weird having Kaga on top of me, I just hope nobody sees this. So I took off Kaga’s hair band, wiped what remained of her tears away, covered us with a blanket and went to sleep with Kaga-san on top of me. Boy, she was pretty heavy for such an aircraft carrier.

The next day, at about 0600, I woke up from the jerk of something hitting my stomach. That’s when I noticed Kaga had her knee on my stomach.

“Ah, g-good morning, Kaga-san.”

“Morning Adm…” she then started rubbing her forehead, “I drank too much yesterday, didn’t I… How deplorable· what exactly happened last night Admiral?” In a couple of seconds, Kaga’s face became red. She got up immediately and walked up to a window facing away from me. I got up and walked up to her. I hope she wasn’t mad at me.

“Kaga, you alright”

Kaga then curling up her hair, “Umm· Admiral· Yesterday· I”

“It’s alright Kaga, there isn’t anything to be embarrassed about yesterday. It was the alcohols fault.” I paused for a moment, “But your words, did you really mean it”

Kaga then looked up to me, and then looked back down, “Yes· I did.”

I guess I had to say something fast to clear her mind.

“Umm… Kaga-san, do want to go out for a stroll to clear our minds. A little bit of fresh air maybe could help you clear your head.”

“Yes, some fresh air would be nice”

When I got my uniform on, I thought about what she had said yesterday. She might be the one that I’ve been waiting for, there’s no doubt about it. So Kaga, who seemed a bit dizzy and I exited outside to meet the fresh breeze of air outside. It was a lovely day but yesterday, what I experienced, why did Kaga asked those questions?

“So Kaga, do you love me?”

“I·haven’t I told you yesterday” said Kaga immediately

“Were they all true?”

Kaga fell silent, her face turned red. Was she mad this time or was she blushing. She then nodded with reply.

“That’s all I want to know” I looked towards the sea, this place, the scenery never gets old. Kaga suddenly leaned on her side and laid her head on my shoulders.

“Yes, they were true” said Kaga.

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