We have to sit Opposite

The setting takes place in the carriage of a train. The setting is confined to a small area of a train making the atmosphere a large component in the story you can feel it so much more because it is in such limited amount of space. The tone can be altered numerous times because of the blue toothed man and his family’s rudeness. Some tones that take place in the carriage are humor, rudeness, sarcasms and so on. The theme in this story is the mindset of ignorance and not caring about other peoples feelings.

A diction that stuck out at me as I read though, is the blue tooth the reason this is unique is because though out the book this is how the author describes him. Also I don’t know anyone with a blue tooth so indeed it is exceptional.

The realistic dialogue begins to take place when the blue tooth man and his family start to enquire about the two young Canadian women, and where they come from and what they are doing there.

Some dramatic foreshadowing that takes place in this book is when the women start to feel black hatred toward the blue toothed man and his family. From this you know there is some arugments about to begin.

The blue toothed man and his family talk about the two young women behind their backs making the two, happy go lucky girls looking forward to seeing their husbands, into frustrated uneasy young ladies.

In my opinion repetition that takes place in this story is when the blue toothed man and his family talk behind their hands to each other relatively about the two young women.

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The imagery that best stuck out in my mind is when the two young women “they got up, and tugged and tugged as the train rocked along” (page 145). The blue toothed man thought he was very knowledgeable but he didn’t know anything about Canada this shows irony of situation. I found that this book had some good humor, a sentence that I found very humorous is when Mrs. Montrose says to the blue toothed man “it is a pity that in your country there are no good dentists”. This story is very realistic because this could very well happen and I’m sure it has. People being rude to others and others getting frustrated and feel the need to get even so they do.

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We have to sit Opposite
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