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The Opposite Sex

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (574 words)
Categories: Gender, Human, Sex, Society
Downloads: 29
Views: 519

In the modern era, males may become unfair in giving out comments to females for their actions, while women may also become bias in their judgment to men. It’s funny sometimes how our judgment fails us. Our ability to see into things depreciates into lesser chunks of stupidity. We end up being stubborn, just so we could be inconsistent. We blindly will our way to rash verdicts and absurdities. Now that things are little hazy, clarifications are expected more than anything else.

Yet the most that could clarify this issue is the essay “Opposite Sex” by Seven Dorloff.

The characters from the essay were students who were given the chance to write down their experiences if they were to alienate themselves from their own identity and act as their opposite sex for one day. Various reactions came out. Some were excited about it, while others were pacified.

The author entitled his students the chance to become their opposite sex.

Likewise, he gave his class the option to make his/her wise preference as to what gender they most likely wanted to become after a one-day experience of becoming their opposite sex. The essay also showed a comparison of gender.

But it does not suggest discrimination between the two because no one suffered ridicule why they were experiencing to become their opposite sex. He did not limit the options available to his students like someone who may prefer to have a different gender than his/her usual (Gumisai Mutume). He neither curtailed the democratic rights to write and to choose by decreasing the availability of the options. But the author did not intend to drastically modify his students’ tastes.

In the same way that a person with a different orientation must not be treated any different from person with other orientation just because we think they’re different. No matter how they stand out in their choice of orientation, in fashion sense and in whatever means of comparison; still they are not any different from us.

True enough, having born as their gender, they will always be the gender they were initially. If they will defy their gender, they will run the risk of losing their identity because they will be ostracized and casted away from their community. They enjoy a degree of freedom in their gender adherence but they can’t completely detach and get away from their original gender.

Let’s understand that being a different gender is another category; it’s another quality that needs separate space. It’s not being indifferent; it’s being a manifestation of who you really are and who you wanted to become (Julie Mullins). Being a different gender however does not mean that the person you have been before is unlikeable, it’s being enjoying what life can possibly offer. Since, the students were given the chance to become their opposite sex; they took the opportunity despite the fact that they can only become males / females through pen.

Lastly, the author was able to explain that no matter how different your gender is, you can still live in a world without minding critics. If we don’t mind our genders, that would do us more good. It’s respect that we all need. Its respect that we claim generously, it’s respect we give grudgingly.

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