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It is rightly said that work is equivalent to worship. People who dedicate their entire lives to their work surely get rewarded. But in addition to the toil and perseverance, one needs to enjoy what they do. Those who find their jobs dull and dreary, look forward to the days when they get a holiday. While on the other hand, those who enjoy what they do are on a holiday on every day of their lives.

Choosing the job of one's dreams can often prove to be a predicament.

One must be really inclined toward his or her dream job and pursue them with dedication. Running behind profitable jobs may not always prove to be the best idea. One should have interest in a particular job else, he may spend the rest of his life regretting his choice of job. It is a famous saying that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. This means that we should also focus on having fun rather than be slaves of our profession for eternity.

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Sometimes, pleasure in a simple job may be derived when the worker gives it a lofty meaning. A story is told of three men working at a construction site. Somebody approaches them and asks them what they are doing. One says that he is just working there; another says that he is building a wall, but the third closes his eyes and says that he is building a cathedral. Here the third builder realized the joy of working at a worthwhile project, which for posterity will contain a part of him.

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Whereas the other people were doing their jobs grudgingly and thus they were regretting it. Similarly, a gardener can count the days to pay day and grumble at the lot in his life or count the number of trees and tell his grandchildren proudly that in his life, he had planted a few thousand trees to help beautify the earth.

Some times when we are travelling to a certain place and by mistake we take a wrong path, we would not reach our desired destination. Now we have two options before us. We can either take a U-turn or continue on the same erroneous path fearing that we have wasted too much time in accomplishing this journey. If we linger on the wrong path our final destination will never be the desired one. It will be a compromise with the circumstance. The wiser option is to take the challenging U-turn and start the journey afresh. In life too we can make the wrong choice in our career. A seemingly lucrative career may not be the one cut out for us. At that time we must have the tenacity to restart our race, else we will be imprisoned in a suffocating career forever. This will not only limit our success but also make us perennially despondent.

Quite often the gratification of a job may not depend solely on the worker, it can involve his boss, co-workers and the ethos of the organization. This can be ensured by the management by providing a conducive work environment. If the management realizes that workers work better when they are happy and that they produce better results, then it must create a favorable work culture.

It is true that leisure loses value without work. A person feels a sense of joy when he is on holiday because he has earned it but that holiday should not be extended to a never-ending spree. Moderation is the key factor. A person's work output escalates when he takes his leisure seriously and on time. Likewise, life seems meaningful with some quality work. Hence, we must balance our work and leisure judiciously and lead a harmonious life.

Updated: Jun 17, 2020
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