Video Games Can Be Educational

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Video games are widely known as an excellent source of entertainment, and according to some, they can be of great help as an educational tool because of their interactivity. What a lot of people don? t know is that they can be good for those who play them for fun as well for learning. There are several genres of video games, for example RPGs, or role-playing games. They often include the task of completing quests. The characters in the game are your party, or your team, and there are frequently three to eight in a game.

Though, only some of them may be able to fight at a time, and players have to balance their teams to use all their skills effectively. MMORPGs (Massively-multiplayer online RPG) are online RPGs where people all over the world create custom characters and interact with other people in the game world, joining together to form their own parties and complete quests. In strategy games, the player controls a wide range of characters that they act as tactician for and direct around a map to defeat an enemy or accomplish a mission.

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The two main advantages of role playing video games that are (mostly) supported by research are: First of all, puzzle, adventure and words are include in role playing games and can help improve problem solving and logic skills. Adventure RPG games where you have to complete certain goals can also help you to ‘think outside the box’ (note that if you use a walkthrough, you aren’t increasing any of these skills).

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Without a goal, the end result of the player? s actions, there? s no point in playing.

In many RPG games, the players have several goals over the course of the game that they have to complete before they can win. Without a struggle, the game? s just boring. It? s not fun to walk right through to the end of a game without having to accomplish goals. And the then, we have that they can be used to assist in education. Studies have shown that children playing educational games learn more because they do not realize that they are learning. Games can be good tools for learning and developing one? s mind.

Some wonder how learning in school can be more like a game by using some of the learning principals found in games, such as interaction (simulations of how the student could apply the problem to real life, perhaps), creativity (customizing what the problem is about), being pleasantly frustrating (the student might want to solve the problem because it interests them more), or performance before competence (showing that the student can do something at all before doing it well). Games are wonderful sources of entertainment and learning that come in all kinds of forms. They provide a unique, interactive, and complex activity.

Updated: Aug 22, 2022
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