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Video games are better than reality, they’re an amazing pass time, and a ton of fun anyone can play them and everyone has fun playing them. Today we have 10,000 dollar PCs that run games at specs that would have made someone from 30 years ago think you’re a time traveler from the future. Today we have billion-dollar companies that produce life-like games that feel amusive and take you away from your sad reality and take you to a utopia where you could do whatever your heart desires without worrying about consequences like stress, death, starvation all problems that exist, (unless you’re playing a game designed to put you through that). Video game consoles have been around for a long time and it’s for the same reason there is a ton of fun and are enjoyed by millions. Many people believe that their child is addicted to video games and they might not be wrong. Video games are a great pass time because they are a ton of fun and can distract you from the real world. Many people share the same mindset with video games as I do. Since they have been around for such a long time, old and young people can enjoy them.

  1. Contemporary Explanations of Virtual Bodies and Fear in Amnesia: The Dark Descent
    Words • 3481
    Pages • 13
    The Dark Descent In my first and second papers I focused on the visual and audio design and mechanics of Amnesia: The Dark Descent and analyzed how they worked and to what immediate ends different visuals, sounds, and mechanics were used. However, it is not in these elements alone but rather in their synthesis that that they can be used to create tension and ultimately horror in the player. Through combining audio, visual, and mechanical techniques, Amnesia simulates the haptic…...
    Video Game
  2. Shopping at Game Stop
    Words • 797
    Pages • 3
    As a consumer think of a place you like to shop at because of the so-called great bargains, coupons, cash back and or discounts they offer. Commonly known as GameStop, Game Stop Corp is an American company that deals in video games, tablets, phones etc. With over 7, 117 retailer shops spread out throughout the US, Game Stop has established its headquarters in Grapevine, Texas. Research conducted on companies like Game Stop and JC Penney proves that customers enjoy and…...
    ChildrenVideo Game
  3. The Problem of Oversexualize Woman in Video Games
    Words • 1101
    Pages • 5
    For many years video games of been a way to entertain one’s self by relaxing and just having fun, but many other people see the opposite, they say that video games oversexualize females and, that the violence is extreme and can make a child violent. Video games tend to appeal to people so they can sell more games, so they would try anything to sell more copies of the game to gain more money and traction, and the easier way…...
    Video GameVideo Game Violence
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  5. Influence of Violence in Video Game on Kids
    Words • 1020
    Pages • 4
    Have you ever wanted to run someone over with your car, go on a killing spree, or rip a person’s spine out of their body? Religious people and politicians say this stems from video games, which is not true If you know someone who is a gamer then you might know if they do may something called rage. This happens when players try to get achievements but they can’t due to lack of skill or luck (the developers of video…...
    Video GameVideo Game Violence
  6. The Sociology of Video Games
    Words • 2000
    Pages • 8
    How do you feel about video games? Video games have been argued about broadly for decades. Ever since I was young, I have been around video games through my older brother being very into them, and my father collecting older type of consoles throughout different eras. I’ve noticed from all my years of playing and spectating that video games can range from competitive to violent, to social, and to even educational. Although my mother always believed that they made me…...
    Video GameVideo Game Violence
  7. Macro Economic Factors Affecting the Video Game Console
    Words • 1120
    Pages • 5
    Demographic Factors: Age is the main demographic factor affecting the market for video game consoles although common misconceptions are that the market is mainly comprised of teenagers. Recent Studies shows that the largest market sector of video game console purchases are teenagers or young adults. ESA demographic data shows that America's average game player's age is 34 and the average age of game purchasers is 40 (see article x) Generational factors play a big role in the market sector of…...
    BusinessDemandEconomicsEconomyIntellectual PropertyVideo Game
  8. Impact of Media and Video Games on Adolescence
    Words • 1025
    Pages • 4
    I wanted to focus this topic on a specific event that happened on the 20th April 1999. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, aged 18 and 17 respectively, carried out the fifth deadliest school massacre ever recorded in United States of America. The two senior boys, who had been planning it for over a year, killed 12 students, one teacher and seriously injured 24 others. They entered Columbine High School dressed in long trench coats, dark glasses, loaded with firearms and…...
    MediaVideo GameVideo Games Negative Effects
  9. Why Fortnite is so Popular?
    Words • 423
    Pages • 2
    Fortnite was one of those games that drew everyone’s attention in the shortest amount of time and became one of the most popular games in the history of gaming. Fortinte was established in 2017 and has become extremely popular as a free game over the last 2 years. People from all over the world have started playing this game. This game got everyone’s attention from the start including celebrities, famous rappers, and top players. What makes Fortnite very unique and…...
    Playing GamesSmartphonesVideo Game
  10. Role-Playing Video Game Undertale
    Words • 1675
    Pages • 7
    To some people, Undertale is just a video game, but others may have a more literary take away from it. This game was designed in a way so that every decision a player makes, it will affect them in the end. Undertale can be played in different ways, specifically, peacefully or violently. Each way can resemble life situations, other social interactions, or can be related to other video games, such as Mario Bros or games like Call of Duty. Although…...
    Video Game
  11. What You Need to Know About Fortnite?
    Words • 405
    Pages • 2
    You can link these here. Being that the game is totally free to bet all individuals on Xbox One (a minimum of Battle Royale), lots of customers are asking yourself do you require Xbox Live to play Fortnite Fight Royale? This is an important concern as it can make a decision whether gamers will certainly have to purchase the yearly or regular monthly membership to leap online. You likewise will not be able to access your digital video game library…...
    GamesPlaying GamesVideo Game
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  13. Edith Finch Game Critique
    Words • 848
    Pages • 4
    What Remains of Edith Finch is an explorative, first-person video game that tastefully emphasizes mystery and tragedy. The player explores Edith Finch's inherited family home and property by locating entrances to different rooms and secret pathways to find out the stories of Edith Finch's deceased family members. The player does this by interacting with the memorials of the deceased family members and experiences vignettes of each family member's death. Edith Finch's voice narrates and acts as a guide for the…...
    GamesVideo Game
  14. Video Gaming Industry Value Chain
    Words • 497
    Pages • 2
    The video gaming industry value chain comprises of a number of essential components apart from the console developer whose role has been adequately covered as above. This apart from the developer who is at the top end of the value stream to the customer includes a number of important contributors such as the publishers, middle ware managers and retailers. This has been indicated in the Figure 2 given below and the detailed nuances of each including their interrelationships have been…...
    BusinessIndustrySoftwareTechnologyVideo Game
  15. Literature on Console Video Game Industry
    Words • 573
    Pages • 3
    Extensive literature and research has been carried out of the economic factors of the video games industry in America which can be easily correlated with other factors which are considered herein. Video games along with other forms of gaming have been a part of the American entertainment since long. In 1999, it is said that retail sales were $ 6. 1 billion up from $ 5. 5 billion and $ 4. 4 billion in the previous two years respectively. (Conference,…...
    EntertainmentLiteratureVideo Game
  16. Gamer Generation
    Words • 557
    Pages • 3
    The book “Got Game; How the Generation is reshaping Business Forever by John Beck and Mitchell Wade explains and promises how players will be able to learn skills from video games and how these can be utilize as businesses. At the same time how businesses can harness these skills and the way gamer idiosyncrasies shape the business. (Beck,Wade 2004) However, as I content analyze the book what it gave me is the notion that it offers hyperbolic claims on how…...
    GenerationVideo Game
  17. Video Arcade And Computer Games Computer Science Essay
    Words • 2968
    Pages • 11
    Video games are games which are played in a computing machine or a particular participant which will work with telecasting sets such as PlayStation series, XBOX and Wii. Video games are electronic and synergistic games. In the games, the actions controlled by the participant will impact what will go on in the game ( Berger, 2002 ) . Video games composed of artworks, text and sound effects. There are many types of games such as arcade, console, handheld, flash, etc.Arcade…...
    Computer Science For ProgressVideo Game
  18. Teenage Magazine Assignment
    Words • 852
    Pages • 4
    Teenage magazines are widely read around the UK. Magazines are a way of life, whether it corresponds pop or computer games. Teenage magazines continue to develop as a major information, entertainment and advertising medium. There are always new magazines competing with each other to boost up their profits. Magazines exist by discovering and analysing social attitudes and selling their products to people attracted to them. Teenage magazines clearly try and target a specific age group. This niche audience will change…...
    MagazineVideo Game
  19. Macro Economic Factors Affecting the Game Console
    Words • 1061
    Pages • 4
    SEA demographic data shows that America's average game player's age is 34 and the average age of game purchasers is 40 (see article x) Generational factors play a big role in the market sector of gamers who purchase more than one game console, buy the latest version ND buy games into adulthood. In 2010 26% of gamers were over 50. There is a definite generational factor as many of the consumers were in their teens when the mass video gaming…...
    EconomicsHealthIntellectual PropertyManufacturingOwnershipVideo Game
  20. Game of Generals
    Words • 3222
    Pages • 12
    The Game of the Generals, also called Salpakan in Tagalog, and GG as it is most fondly called, or simply The Generals, is an educational wargame invented in the Philippines by Sofronio H. Pasola, Jr. in 1970. It can be played within twenty to thirty minutes. It is designed for two players, each controlling an army, and a neutral arbiter or an adjutant. It needs the use of logic. The game simulates armies at war trying to outflank and outmaneuver…...
    Video GameWar
  21. Game Addiction
    Words • 1110
    Pages • 5
    In recent years, several studies have demonstrated that at least a small group of gamers has trouble controlling their online video game playing. Excessive amounts of time spent on playing online video games can be severely disruptive to school, work, and “real life” social contacts. It seems that online games, especially multiplayer online role playing games, are more often associated with video game addiction. Drawing parallels to other industries–such as gambling–which are heavily regulated, the issue of social responsibility of…...
    AddictionVideo Game
  22. Ethics: Selling Violent Video Games
    Words • 290
    Pages • 2
    1. Should Barry recommend that Take-Two go forward with the release of GTA:Vice City? Yes, Barry should recommend that Take-Two go forward with the release of GTA:Vice City. There are many games on the market and movies that have portrayed snipers shooting people. Barry has a responsibility to the stockholders to release the game on time. He also has a responsibility to release the game to the 4 million consumers who have already pre-ordered the game. 2. Given the contemplated…...
    EthicsVideo GameViolenceWorld Wide Web
  23. Effects of Online Gaming
    Words • 1186
    Pages • 5
    Students these days are spending more of their free time playing computer games. There are positive and negative effects associated with playing video games. Set a regular routine for your child so he knows when it is time to do homework and when to play games. Health Problems Some students get carried away with playing their computer games for excessive amounts of time. Your child's health might be affected negatively if he plays computer games persistently. His eye sight might…...
    AdolescenceHealthProblem SolvingResearchVideo Game
  24. Are computer games good or bad for you?
    Words • 2432
    Pages • 9
    In this case study I will be debating the good’s and the bad’s about computer games. Computer games, video games box’s and ps3’s,this world wide phenomenon truly is the craze of the century, it’s was invented in the late 1940’s on the bases of cathode ray tube-based missile defence testing, the first commercial game was invented by Charly Adama in 1960, was a tennis game called (1)“bouncing ball” where the two paddles on the sides, which could be moved up…...
  25. Cause and Effect of Video Games on Children
    Words • 1420
    Pages • 6
    “. . . a new study has found almost half of all "heavy gamers" are six- to seventeen-years-old” (Bennett). The current generation is one being born into the most technologically advanced civilization ever. While this is excellent from a scientific standpoint, it can have some serious negative effects on children growing up with this equipment. Video games are gradually becoming more popular with today’s youth. The rise in video game popularity has caused a major problem with increased aggression and…...
    Cause And Effect Of TechnologyChildChildrenInsomniaVideo Game
  26. Annoying Advertisements
    Words • 1223
    Pages • 5
    A discussion of advertising through analysis of two different adverts.In order for advertisements to succesfully portray a product, they must be directed to the appropriate intended audience. Magazines, in general, are usually geared towards a specific audience with distinct interests. Therefore, the `ads' need to be carefully designed to attract the attentions of the magazine reader. This very concept is well displayed in the two selected, yet very different, magazine ads from the software magnate Microsoft Corporation. The first ad…...
    AdvertisingMagazineTechnologyVideo Game
  27. Video Games: Hidden Devastating Effects
    Words • 183
    Pages • 1
    Video games are a rising form of entertainment in today's children and youth, but video games also have hidden devastating effects that we can no longer ignore. Did you know that the chances of a young child playing violent video games, becoming a mass murderer in his later years is very high? Are you one of those youth who play video games as a form of entertainment? Well you're not alone, two recent studies show that 66% of 8 to…...
    Video Game
  28. Outdoor Games Versus Video Games
    Words • 577
    Pages • 3
    Outdoor games and video games goes hand in hand. Video games are originated by getting inspired of the outdoor games itself for example, cricket, football, carom, Ludo etc. However, as time goes by those that fancy video games currently can presently be in power. But, till that day we tend cannot choose whether video games and outside activities are better than one another. Video games don’t seem to be designed to burn off tons of energy. They're not aerobic in…...
    CompetitionMindPsychologyVideo Game
  29. Popularity of Video Games
    Words • 956
    Pages • 4
    Video games have become more popular in the last 20 years that former U.S. President Obama allocated $10 million for research on video games (Obama & Biden, 2013). It appeals to anyone from teenagers to adults. With different types of games being published each year, everyone can easily find a game to synergize with. Video games have a great variety of advantages and can be useful or life-altering. This paper will discuss how playing video games can help with one's…...
    AngerPopularityPsychologyVideo GameViolence
  30. Video Games in Modern Society
    Words • 638
    Pages • 3
    Video games have been argued about for decades. Video games are becoming a common component in today's society. Video games are a ubiquitous part of almost all children's and adolescents' lives, with 97 percent playing ('The Benefits of Playing Video Games.')for at least one hour per day in united stated .unfortunately, researchers generally focus on the adverse effects such as increased aggression, and violence .However, new research shows that video games can also have several benefits such as improved vision,…...
    PsychologySocietyVideo Game
  31. The Effects of Video Games on the Brain
    Words • 200
    Pages • 1
    Firstly, a point given about violent video games effect the brain cell as you are growing up and Evolution. Its Processing the brain which is not being used which it's the brain prunes. The brain has their own Functionality such as attention, memory and impulse control. Frontal brain lobes are known for the executive functions such as Interest, memory, and impulse control, which might be important to academic success. On the grounds that brains increase in tandem with stimulation in…...
    BrainMemoryNervous SystemPsychologyVideo Game
  32. Liverpool vs Chelsea – FA Cup
    Words • 461
    Pages • 2
    Liverpool crashed to a third defeat in four games as goals from Willian and Ross Barkley sent Chelsea into the FA cup quarter-finals. Liverpool born Barkley Ross helped dump the Reds out the FA Cup as Chelsea booked a spot and moved to the quarter-finals with a 2-0 victory. The Blues took the lead in the 13th minute through Willian, although he was helped by a mistake by Liverpool goalkeeper Adrian. The Spaniard had produced two fine saves to deny…...
    FootballFootball GameGoalsSportsVideo Game
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  34. Media Driven Communities
    Words • 699
    Pages • 3
    No doubts that media and advanced technology are the roots of many progressions in science, economy, health information, and communications, the rapid and massive adoptions of these technologies create social changes that can be seen as positive or negative from different point of views. Sherry Turkle, for example wonders why to expect more from technology and less from others, she present the negative aspect of teenagers dependency on cell phones, on the opposite side Jane Magonigal suggest the positive impact…...
    AdolescenceCommunityMediaPsychologySocial MediaVideo Game
  35. Positive and Negative Effects of Video Games on Teenagers According
    Words • 1498
    Pages • 6
    Positive and Negative Effects of Video Games on TeenagersAccording to Jana (2018) High schoolers and picture mystery arrange go paw -in-hand to24-hour interim. In truth, 97% of high schoolers and kids within the US play tv mystery arrange at slightest for one 60 minutes each day (1). So, in what way do video recreations influence young people? The impacts are both great and terrible. Perused on as Mother Intersection Tell you around the positive degree and negative impacts of video…...
    AdolescenceTeenagerVideo GameVideo Games Negative EffectsVideo Games Positive Effects
  36. Video Games as Addiction
    Words • 1355
    Pages • 5
    One has to think about just how much of a role the people running corporations play - and try to play - in our daily lives. There are plenty of things people think about, and plenty of things people don't think about. This seems to be the case in a disproportionate way - leaning towards the latter - with addiction, especially addiction to technology. People can get, have gotten, and still do get addicted to things such as Candy Crush,…...
    AddictionDiseaseUberVideo Game
  37. PORTAL Gaming Center
    Words • 1932
    Pages • 8
    Is a gaming place where all people who is into games and PC's are gathering to play and enjoy or even share their skills to other people. · Proponent: The idea of Hussain, Duaa and Safa · Location: This place should be located in area which can be reachable for most of people and suit, so we followed a Geographic market segment .The location will be in (MANAMA). · Capital: On the other hand, which is the most important thing…...
    BusinessPersonal ComputerVideo Game
  38. Photorealistic Gaming In The Future
    Words • 620
    Pages • 3
    Within the next ten years, we will have photorealistic gaming. In conjunction with the anticipation of next-generation consoles coming in 2020, graphics show a continuous trend of improving to the point of hyperrealism. Already we are saying things akin to "wow, look how realistic the skin textures are" or "this landscape honestly looks like a photo." I distinctly remember staring at a cutscene on TV (out of context) and not being able to tell if it was an advertisement for…...
    Artificial IntelligenceFutureRobotTechnologyVideo Game
  39. The Video Game More Than Mere Entertainment
    Words • 1029
    Pages • 4
    The video game now becomes more than mere entertainment. For years, the violent content in the video game was accused of being the bad influence for the children, even responsible for the violent behaviour problems. In the meantime, many researchers attempt to expand video games' role in the social and political issues, to make video games a critical tool to engage with the social world (Wardrip-Fruin & Harrigan, 2004). Ideas such as information deficit, simulation rhetoric, procedural rhetoric and emergent…...
    EntertainmentRhetoricVideo Game
  40. What will the future of computing look like?
    Words • 763
    Pages • 3
    Within the next ten years, we will have photorealistic gaming . In conjunction with the anticipation of ne xt-generation consoles coming in 20 20 , graphics sho w a continuous trend of improving to the point of hyp errealism . Already we are saying th ings akin to "wow, look how realistic th e skin textures are " or "this landscape honestly looks like a photo ." I distinc tly remember staring at a cutscene on TV (out of context)…...
    Artificial IntelligenceFutureRobotStephen HawkingTechnologyVideo Game
  41. How Technology Influence on Craft?
    Words • 867
    Pages • 4
    Technology has advanced rapidly over the past decade and has changed the way we live our lives. The introduction into our world's pc, internet and mobile phones has greatly influenced the way that we live. But how has it affected the world of craft? I will be exploring how technology has influenced the world of craft. I will be writing about how technology has influenced many artists like Neri Oxman and Leonardo da Vinci. I will also be writing about…...
    3d PrintingInfluencePaintingTechnologyVideo Game
  42. Report – Nintendo
    Words • 1524
    Pages • 6
    Introduction Nintendo is a brand that is cherished all over the globe and widely known as a video game company for more than 30 years ago. Presently, Nintendo is well-known worldwide, and many people have Nintendo consoles in their homes or at least one system from the company. Nintendo has come a long way since the company was discovered in terms of logo, product, marketing plans, vision and mission. Many people know Nintendo or at least has heard of the…...
    BrandsCompanyComputersTechnologyVideo Game
  43. Effects of Video Game Addiction
    Words • 974
    Pages • 4
    Abstract Video games are a kind of leisure activity that one can do in order to relax or have fun alone or with friends. Just as the name suggests it is a game with an electronic set up, that involves manipulation of images electronically and the images produced on a video display device such as a monitor or a T.V screen. The highest population of video game users is children of 10years and above, teenagers and college students. These age…...
    AddictionHealthVideo Game
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First Home Consoles

Everything great has a history behind it and so do video games. The first video game console to come out was back in 1972, 46 years ago it was called the Odyssey. However, it was known as the atari the name may sound familiar if you played games as a child. It was the first home console as opposed to big arcades. It had 28 games which are nothing compared to today’s standards. The most known game was pong which was based on an arcade game but in the convenience of your own home all of us are already used to this but at the time was a huge deal.

The year 1983 took a turn on video game console sales for the worst because people lost interest in the current home console since it wasn’t that good and the industry experienced a crash in the market. Until two years later when it was saved by a miracle. This miracle was known as Nintendo which came to America from Japan and released the Nintendo NES (Nintendo Entertainment system). This should sound familiar because they revived the video game industry and are a well-known company to this day. The NES was advanced for its time; it had 8-bit graphics which means it had colors and sound which was ahead of its time for a console. Nintendo found its start as a card player in 1889 before producing game consoles. The NES brought classics like Super Smash Bros and the Legend of Zelda. These names sound familiar because they are still relevant which should show how good these games are. Other companies would produce games for the console. An example is capcom which produced classics such as Megaman and Final Destination.

Nintendo and Video Game Industry Evolution 

Nintendo continues to make moves later in 1989 when they popularized handheld gaming devices. There in particular was known as the Gameboy and Gameboy color. Everyone I knew as a kid had one and everyone wanted them because of how fun and cool they were. Nintendo continued to make more handheld consoles such as the Nintendo DS and the Nintendo 3DS. They were very successful and other companies wanted to get into the market so came in the Sega which was a 16-bit console which was better than Nintendo. This was the start of a phenomenon known as the console war where companies competed to have the best graphics, the best games, the best console and sell the most over the other company.

The year 1990 brought along my favorite category of video games – the violence category where it shows blood, guns, and guts, basically explicit content that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.  The game, in particular, was street fighter which is an infamous game since most parents hate it because the games exposes kids to terrible sights that could possibly scar a child. However, the people who played it loved the game and had tons of fun, myself included. The game is still popular to this day and is more graphic and looks more realistic than before. The video games industry has come a long way from its beginning. Today the video game industry is worth 135 billion dollars. And they currently have events where the top tier players and pros go to play and could win money for winning the tournament. A kid at Arroyo won 10,000 dollars from playing competitively and he’s going to New York to compete against other top-tier players for a prize pull of millions of dollars. People these days can make a career just by playing video games and streaming. There are kids who have been signed to professional teams that are making way more money than an average person.

Current Day Technology

There are stories of people who have had their lives saved due to video games. Because it distracts them from their sorrows and keeps them occupied with hours of stress-free exploring or looting and gathering. To most people playing video games are for losers or no lives but this is not the case everyone can enjoy them. There are prisons where they allow the inmates to play video games as a pastime and as a result crime in the prisons went down cause everyone was less stressed out and overall happier. Video games can also bring people together with current-day technology. We could play online with people from all over the world and it’s a ton of fun too. Most people would rather play video games with their friends than hang out with them in real life because it’s that much better than just hanging out.

To refrain myself, video games are better than reality to me and most of the video game community we all agree. In real life, you’re limited to your own body and your own qualities which is boring for most since life is boring. Video games are amazing because you could be anyone you want and do anything you want. The most popular game, Minecraft is a perfect example of a great game where you can do whatever your heart desires and spend thousands of hours playing without realizing it. Me and my friends have put in “30 days worth of playing” in Minecraft and I don’t regret one second of it. All I have from that game are good memories and the best laughs I’ve had with my friends. My goal is to make it not nerdy to play games. Growing up I remember being made fun of for playing Minecraft but all a sudden it’s cool again so hopefully the people who missed out experience it for themselves without being tormented for it. Video games will not go away, they will stay as long as we do because they will just keep evolving and becoming bigger and better than the years before. We have seen it happen in the years before back then it was just a joystick and a button nowadays we have virtual reality. We can put ourselves in a war – it seems as though you are actually there it’s like a helmet with screens on it and you have a remote to control the hands of the person in the game so it’s very realistic. If we have this technology now image in the future, video games are going to be amazing there and as realistic as possible which will be like reality but way better since you’re going to have abilities and aspects about yourself that you don’t have in real life

Why Video Games Are Special for Me 

In conclusion, I thank videogames for making my childhood special even if I had to snitch on my brother for playing all day and crying just to get my turn but it was well worth it. That’s why videogames are better than reality. Video games are special to everyone who’s invested their time into them and luckily it has become more acceptable now. The early consoles would be proud to see how much they’ve progressed today and the people who played the early NES consoles must be very proud of what video games have become. I hope this encourages whoever reads this to pick up a console from their local gamestop unless it’s out of business by then.   

FAQ about Video Game

Why Fortnite is so Popular?
...Fortnite is a game where players can team up with friends and communicate throughout the game which makes them engage more in the game. Fortnite have also been one of the games that has been getting a lot of criticism from parents. The game makes kid...
What You Need to Know About Fortnite?
...Microsoft has waived the need for Xbox Live Gold for on the internet multiplayer this weekend. Yes, as long as you have actually linked your platform account to your Impressive Gamings account, you can crossplay with gamers on all other supported sys...
What will the future of computing look like?
...Within the next century, I e xpect a gradual but noti ceable em ergence of brain -computer interfaces, or B CIs. To specif y, a brain -computer inte rface is a computational system implanted in the bra in that al lows a person to control a computer o...
How Technology Influence on Craft?
...As I previously mentioned 3d printing played a huge part in the stop motion world. But 3d printing has been used in so much, not only has 3d printing be used to create small miniatures used in the movie industry but also prototypes for visual represe...

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