Vacations: Long Vacation vs. Short Vacations

Some people believe that students should be given one long vacation each year. Others believe that students should have several short vacations throughout the year. Which viewpoint do you agree with? Use specific reasons and examples to support your choice.

Vacations is something that most expected by the student. For the teachers who want a consecutive term and the students who hope to plan some projects, the long vacation offers them the opportunity. Though long vacation may have one or two disadvantages, I believe the merits of it out weight the demerits it has.

In order to enjoy a long vacation, students need to study for almost five months to get it. During this long, tough semester, tired, boring, exhaustion are ones on the top of the list for the students to endure. While if the students can have several short holidays, such feeling can be reduced periodically. And thus students can have much more enthusiasm to the school.

Though the disadvantage it has, long vacation can provide a long term which will not be disturbed by other things.

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In other words, students will not be distracted from those that are not related to the study. For example, if a student has three short vacations a year, every time he or she is back to school, the excitement from the vacations like travelling can not be decreased to the normal level, which prevents him or her from concentrating on the class. And also he will always feel boring about school, thus nothing in the school being attractive.

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Another merit that accompanied with the long vacation is that students can arrange a schedule to go to the remote areas, which can not be allowed by the short-time vacation. They can do as volunteers in the distant mountainous area where a lot of kids quit school for that they can not afford the tuition fee. Doing something like that can be really meaningful in their life’s time. Or they can have inter-continent travel to learn something that is totally different from their own culture and can not be taught in the classroom. And when they go back to school, they can share or may be exchange their own experience with other students, which will definitely broaden their spectrum. And teachers can also use these as topics for students to do presentation or group discussion.

To sum up, disadvantage may the long-time vacation own, we can never neglect what it brings us, like a consecutive learning period and having time do something valuable while broaden one’s horizon. Long vacation, I think, is more suitable for the students than the shorter ones.

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