Possible title: Discerning the Historical Context of a Fearful Citizenry in Film

Categories: V for Vendetta

1. What period in history do you believe is portrayed in this movie?

Considering the general circumstances illustrated in the movie; citizens afraid of its government, I believe, the period in history is when democracy was belittled, and government dominated with oppressive force. Since at various times the connection between V and Guy Fawkes is emphasized, the movie seems to be based on the historical event of November 5th, 1605; the date Guy Fawkes was arrested for conspiracy to blow up the parliament building.

2. Who do you believe in history does Chancellor Adam Sutler most resemble?

It seems that since the period when the Guy Fawkes incident happened was when a protestant King was ruling England, Chancellor Adam Sutler equates to the figure aforementioned. However, in light of the Chancellor’s characteristics, he may represent another figure in history; Adolf Hitler. The rationale behind the link is because they both were dictators of a country that used military force to rule the country, and eradicated specific targets; for instance the gay for High Chancellor, and the Jewish for Adolf Hitler.

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3. Who do the “Fingermen” represent in history?

If the High Chancellor represents Adolf Hitler, the Fingermen would most likely symbolize the Nazis. The people who carried out rules, regardless of its brutality, directed by the head.

4. What or who does Lewis Prothero represent?

I had heard once that in the period of the Nazi’s domination, there were a few people who expressed dissention through literary works, and since Lewis Prothero used his composition skills comically portray High Chancellor, shedding a light on the injustice of the government, from the little knowledge I have, Lewis Prothero seems to represent those who voiced their disagreement of the Nazi regime.

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5. Who do the people taken into the prisons represents?

There were a variety of people that were taken into prisons. First, there were those who did not fit in with the government’s ideals; most significantly gay people and those who showed objection to the government. Another group was those that became the target of a biological study. These fictional people of the movie most likely represent the victims of the Holocaust.

6. Is “V” a terrorist or is he an avenger? Why?

V is both a terrorist and an avenger. V can be labeled a terrorist because he used extreme force to show his dissent with the government, injuring and murdering innocent people along with the act. However, if he were only a terrorist, he needn’t kill the specific people that took part in the biological study.

7. What has happened to the United States in this movie?

The United States is portrayed to have fallen from its once superior state and failed to keep itself intact.

8. Why does “V” have such a grudge against Lewis Prothero?

One main reason V has a grudge against Lewis Prothero is because he was the commanding officer of the particular prison that conducted a biological study on innocent people. Another may be because of the fact that he serves as the voice of the propagandizing the government.

9. What is Evey Hammond’s occupation and what kind of person is she in the beginning? What kind of person does she become later on?

Evey Hammond holds a minor job at the broadcasting station and although she has all the reason to avenge on the government for its atrocities done on her family, she complies with the rules of the government and lives as a dutiful citizen. However after she meets V, she loses the sense of fear she had lived with all her life, and frees her suppressed anger.

10. In whose footsteps does “V” follow? What is the date that is so important in the movie? And why is it so important?

V follows the footsteps of the character of the movie he shows Evey; he chooses his idea over love. The date that keeps coming up is the 5th of November. Its role in the movie is significant because it’s the same date in history that Guy Fawkes and his accomplices planned to change the country by removing the leading people, the same objective and similar means of V’s plan.

Updated: Apr 29, 2023
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