Outcome based practice is a process that has a good benefit on the service users life. Is the action on how we deliver the care that they require. The way to provide the right care is to focus on their care plan. The care plan states what type of support the service user need. It is personal so the care is focused on the individual need. ( Person Centred Care ). Outcome based practice is the way that we can empower care staff to deliver they right care, to achieve positive feedback, learn and challenge their own abilities.

To achieve positive outcomes is to listen to the individual, recognise their requirements according to their care plan, such us likes,dislikes,choices, this is to ensure that the service that is given, is what they want. It is important to reassess their needs and requirements on regular basis to provide a good quality of care.

The Health and Social Care Services ensures that the outcome based practice is used within the health and social care sector.

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As an example, can include dignity and respect of the service user, safeguarding adults, this outcomes are present in our Home Policy and Procedure, the purpose is to ensure that service users, families,care staff, are treated the same. (Equal Opportunities ).

I use a outcome based approach within my job role. Into support a service user this can be done in many ways. One way is when a service user has their monthly general review. We discuss any issues that have been identified in their general health and wich are our action plan to follow.

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As an example a service user has lost a significant weight during 6 months time, we need to identify the possible reasons why he lost weight, and to involve GP, Dietician, inform NOK. Care staff have to follow the action plan to achieve their goals. As an outcome the service user has started to gain weight in two weeks time since our action plan has been implemented, however the service user continue on weekly weights check and closely monitored for the future.

Psychological wellbeing can refer to positive mental states, such as happiness or satisfaction. Providing emotional care to a service user involves being compassionate and accepting and treating the person as a unique individual.

I have to work in a way that creates situations that enable the individual to do what they can for themselves.I have to provide active support, rather than manage and control the individual by giving them instructions or commands. I need to ensure that the service user is fuly involved in any decissions that affect their care such us what they want to eat, what they will like to wear, or when they want to go to bed. I must ensure that the service user will have the opportunity to do as much as they can for themselves, and also that care staff have the skills to ensure the right care for each service user. To have a better understanding care staff must have regular training updates, and before to attend a service user they need to be aware about their life history, likes, and dislikes.

For an effective working relationship with families, the home has to implement the service user's care plan in time, that all staff to be aware about service user needs. To deliver quality of service in accordance with policies and guidelines such us CODE OF PRACTICE, DATA PROTECTION ACT, HUMAN RIGHTS, ETC a Manager has to ensure that the service user is protected from harm or abuse or any forms of danger, to provide Health and Safety, Equality and Diversity, achieve positive outcomes from people or to deal with complaints to improve services.

Safeguarding adults is about to protect a service user from maltreatment, to keep them safe from any form of harm, that they live in a suitable environment with people that can provide them support and right care according to their needs. To protect an service user is one of the most important role that a health care assistant can have, they need to ensure their Health and Safety, and Wellbeing. If a service user is at risk of harm or abuse, the person who provides the care has the duty to report this incident in order to provide service user's safety.

In my own settings I have to evaluate our Policy and Procedure when new criteria of the Legislation comes into place and is to be followed by all member of staff. All members of staff employed in our Home receive regular updates and anual training in Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults, in order for them to understand their role and responsability to report in time any type of abuse that they have witnessed. Any new member before to be employed our home run a DBS online for them to make a safer recruitment decission.

There are many Legislations and Policies related to Safeguarding Vulnerable adults. Some of the Legislations are: Health and Social Care Act, Mental Capacity and Mental Health Act,Safeguarding Vulnerable, Equality Act and more. Pleople's employed in a Home must understand and have a good knowledge of the Safeguarding Policy and Procedure that the Home has in place. Staff must be confident in what they have learned when training was provided, in order to put them into practice when this is needed.

As an example of a big safeguarding issue that happened in Devon in 2011. This film was shown on BBC news where 13 people have been convicted after an inquiry into ,, organised and systemic,, abuse on one care home for adults with learning disabilities. Residents from the care home where routinely punished by being held in empty rooms without food, water, heating or toilet. Staff imprisoned them in the rooms quite often overnight as an abusive culture developed in 2010 and 2011. The Home manager was jailed for 28 months. During trials, the director and staff where accused of creating a culture whereby residents were left in the rooms more than 1000 times with no furniture or television for hours at a time. However from this case lots of Policy's and procedures and Law's been obeyed. We must all remain vigilant to support and protect people in vulnerable circumstancess, who have every right to live their lives free from fear and treated with dignity and respect.

If a service user is in danger of abuse, or a crime has been comminted then the police need to be informed as soon as possible, and try to ensure the service user's safety and yours as well. The Home Manager has to be informed as well in order to contact the Local Safeguarding Authority. If an abuse has been commited and witnessed, the Manager has to ask for a record keeping, statements from both parts. The Safeguarding Authority might ask the Manager to complete an alerters form such us information about the victim what has been witnessed or any physical injuries noted on the victim.A copy of the form has to be sent to CQC, there will be strategy meetings with all professionals to attend. This meetings are to plan further steps to take, such us implement risk assessments, monitor closely the victim as might need more help and support,ensure that the victim is feeling safe and happy with all things put in place.

According to our Home Policy and procedure we have to:

  • -report your concerns or what you suspect if a service user is as risk of harm or abuse, make a record of incident
  • -safeguarding adults strategy discussion will take place with the Manager when the abuse was reported and records taken
  • -the Manager and all parties involved ( Managing Director, Qualified Staff) will check and collect more evidence from the victim and will record all concerns found
  • -The Safeguarding Authorities will be involved,or the Police
  • -Disciplinary procedure are also put into action (Depends on the case)
  • -Regular checks and assisstance has to be provided to the victim

It is very important as a manager to work with other agency's in order to protect vulnerable adults. There are rules that have to be respected for a better procedure and communication. You have to be aware wich are your targets and measure how well your partnership is working and if there are any progress made. By running regular audits for the service user will enable to ensure proper care planing process for the individual.

Monitoring and auditing the individual needs and involving staff I am able to evaluate the service users aspects of care and effective in to protect vulnerable adults.

As a reccomandation in our Policy and Procedure is to improve our work for a better safeguarding if a serious case happens, to review our policy ensuring that similar cases won't happen again.

Updated: May 19, 2021
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