Uncover Paris’ Most Iconic View at Night

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Paris is a scenic and artistic dream destination. And, if you ask us of one city that is worth strolling through even after the sun goes down, we would say Paris! Paris at night is absolutely stunning. It is known as the “City of Lights” because of its illuminated buildings you can see at nightfall, but if you want to enjoy the perfect view of Paris by night, you must visit to a particular place. Spread over the banks of Seine River in Northern France, it stands out for being one of the elegant downtown of the World.

You can enjoy the city of lights, Paris in multiple ways, but apparently the best as a foreigner is to take a night walking tour. The cityscape of Paris sparkles with emblematic architecture of classical monuments with vintage palaces, art museums, cathedrals, stylish shopping hubs and far-reaching landscaped gardens. Here is a list of the best attractions that will manifest the Parisian night beauty in all its splendour.

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The Best Places to see Paris at Night

Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is the nucleus point of Paris, if there are ever fireworks or celebration, the Eiffel Tower is the place to be! At 324 meters tall, a lot of time people will see the Eiffel tower without actually entering the 7th arrondissement!

There are actually 20,000 bulbs on the Eiffel Tower which sparkle every hour, truly complementing Paris’ reputation as the City of Lights. It is one of the best places to visit in Paris at night.

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We seriously cannot think of a monument classier than the Eiffel Tower, and all its pictures demonstrates that perfectly.

A Moonlit Stroll

As multiple films from Midnight in Paris and An American in Paris suggest, there is something indisputably otherworldly and fascinated about strolling via the Parisian streets, la nuit tombee.

If you are looking for an amazing place to visit in Paris at night, head to “Paris Most Beautiful Avenue” and have a moonlit walk along the bank of Seine River. On your way, you will even get to see some of the preeminent Paris tourist-sights from Notre Dame Paris to Les Invalides, which is beautifully illuminated. It is really tough not to be in love with Paris after a night stroll.

Put On Your Dancing Shoes

Whether you are itching for a Latin dancing or a night of Salsa, are wondering where the city’s most talented DJs get the crowds moving until dawn, or are hoping to find a friable rock bar where indie tunes rule the night, the French capital has it all.

The primitive bar you should definitely not miss is called Le Reflet. It is undisclosed in a tiny street called rue Champollion, just next to the metro station Cluny-La Sorbonne. Thanks to its central position within multiple artistic cinemas, Le Reflet is the wonderland of cinephiles. The walls are decorated with some famous cinema posters, and students talking about films are omnipresent.

Feeling Hungry? Food in Paris at Night

All this dancing, cultural and sport activities are great of course. However, late at night after all this activities, you may feel a little hungry! And there is nothing unfavourable than walking miles and finally ending up with a doubtful sandwich and boring French fries. In all those moments all the Paris has something great to offer you.

French cuisine sounds extravagant but in the very end, it’s actually the quality which matters a lot- fresh products and creating a harmonious dish that heighten up the quality of the main ingredient. That said, you do not need to visit a Michelin starred restaurant to enjoy good locals meals and you can eat most of the best French recipes in a nice bistro or brasserie.

Nurse an extraordinary Cocktail at a “Speakeasy”

After dinner, an extraordinary cocktail may be in order in the list of some amazing things to do in Paris at night. Whether it is trendy bitters or botanicals-infused artisanal gin you are after, or an artful brew of fruity, citrusy one pictured here.

Paris has ample of stylish haunts steeped in history, like Harry’s New York Bar, a favourite of multiple literary luminaries, but even has a burgeoning “mixology” scene as of late, with bars like Experimental Cocktail Club serving more expensive drinks. Also, “Speakeast-style” bars, like Moonshiner, which is hidden behind a pizzeria, have become immensely popular.

Go See a Parasian Cabaret

Few people still think that Parisian Cabarets are old-stylish but cabarets in Paris are a lively and entertaining part of Paris Nightlife. Cabaret shows usually involve crazy can-can girls, but also dancing, singing and juggling. Most of the cabarets even come with the dinner option or a glass of champagne so you are covered for the full night.

For theatre aficionados, few English-language plays and musicals run in the capital in any given month. If you know some French and would like to take your gallic skills for a test run, L’official des Spectacles is a perfect general site for show listings in Paris, from plays to one-person shows and musicals.

Paris Nightlife Photography

Paris at night is a great experience for photography aficionados and for professional photographers. A guided Paris night tour with a professional photographer is always a great idea, especially if you want to improvise your photography skills and want to have a lot of beautiful pictures of yours.

Apart from their invaluable photo tips, they know the best nightlife in Paris spots and how to get the most out of them so you can be sure to end the day with some great and amazing shots. If you want to have more fun, remember to bring your own travel tripod, especially if you want to play with long exposures.

Paris Night Ride on a Vintage Car

This is one of the most amazing things to do in Paris at night. Drive in style via the illuminated streets and avenues of city on a classic Vintage Citroen 2CV and get the most out of Paris after the sunset.

Enjoy a bottle of Champagne while admiring Paris at night attractions beautifully lit up such as Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre, Notre Dame, Sacre Coeur in Montmartre neighbourhood. The tour involves a fun and informative driver/ guide so you just need to sit in the back, relax and enjoy Paris at night.

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Updated: Dec 17, 2022
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