Types of People You Meet In High School

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In life, we will come across people that don’t like us or love us in school. The people that don’t like us are called our fake people while the people that adore us are called acquaintance or best friend. There are three different types of friends, acquaintances, that just see in school, a fake friend that just tells lies about everything, and the best friend that a person can do everything with.

There are these friends that a person sees in high school.

This friend is called a school acquaintance. Having an acquaintance, friend, in school is good because a person can just to them about things other than their personal life. Having a school acquaintance in school is great because a person can talk to them about their interests and school studies and have no effort of talking about more. A person can just talk to them about what they are doing then go on with their day.

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School acquaintances are great because a person can talk to them and go on with their lives and don’t have to see them till the next day of school.

The next high school friend is a fake one. A fake friend is a friend that can do anything but talk negative about a person and start rumors about them. When a fake friend is talking to someone about another person and not saying anything nice about them, the fake friend that is talking to them can't do anything but join along.

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When the fake friend is done talking negatively about the person they are talking about, the fake friend goes right to the person who can tell the person what the fake friend was talking about. When a person is talking to a friend about news and when the fake friend hears what they are talking about the fake friend will tell everyone what they just heard to start lies.

Lastly, the high school best friend. A best friend that a person has known all through grade school and now into high school. A best friend that a person can tell everything that is on their mind. This kind of high school best friend can hold a lasting bond and that has a special friendship trait that a person can rely on. Having a best friend in high school is common because a person doesn’t need other friends. A best friend in high school is great because a person can tell everything too and not have to worry about other people listening to start drama.
To Conclude, there are many different types of friends a person will meet in high school. In high school a person will meet a fake friend that tells lies to other people, an acquaintance, a person just sees in school, and the best friend, that a person can tell everything to.

Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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