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The Five People You Meet In Heaven - Creative Writing

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Death was sort of weird. I didn’t really see it coming my way, it jumped up behind me, literally.

I was in the school library doing some revision after school hours. When the clock struck eight I got up and left the building. I had to be home for nine o’clock but little did I know that I won’t ever go home again.

The cold, spine-chilling wind swept through the dark, night, sky clearly visible in the fog.

It was in the middle of the winter season and not a good night to go out walking.

As I entered the old, creepy graveyard just outside the school the icy wind swept up my back causing me to shiver. It was quiet and calm meaning every sound I heard made me even more frightened and uncomfortable with my surroundings.

Suddenly pain rushed through my neck as two long, sharp; fang like objects roughly pierced my skin and dug as deep as they could into my flesh.

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I let out a loud scream yet no one could hear me. I continued to scream “ARRRRGH! HELP” and still there were no answer. The object was still stuck there causing me un-imaginable pain and blood was pouring down my neck and chest. A man was holding my head now, shoving my neck deeper and deeper into the sharp, killer object. Everything had gone hazy just before the man took his hands off my head leaving me to collapse onto the cold, frosty, pebble-stoned path and before I breathed my last breath I looked up to see my killer, a man which looked very familiar to a blood-sucking vampire.

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Most people would think that’s it… death I mean. Those people would be wrong. A lot more events were still to come throughout my life, that’s if I still have a life as much more is yet to be explained.

Let me tell you about the events which occurred after that very painful, final two minutes of living.

I took what I thought to be my last breath and closed my eyes. I then opened my eyes and to my astonishment I was still alive and felt better than ever or at least that’s what I thought.

My attacker had gone by now and I was left lying on the chilling graveyard path on my own. A noise came from the bushes at the far end of the graveyard.

A large beast came from behind the trees. It was a Minotaur (half man, half bull).

I have always known a lot about this stuff; mythological creatures that is. I was always interested in myths, magic and legends. That’s probably why I never fit in at school.

My heart was beating fast now, I had never been so afraid before. The Minotaur grabbed me by one leg, put a bag over my head and dragged me along the graveyard. I started to kick him with my free leg but my foot passed through his body. I thought it to be a bit weird seeing as he can grab my leg and yet I can’t kick his but I wasn’t in the position to be asking questions.

He (or should I say it) took me into a room down by the tubes. I never noticed this room before but I knew where I was because on my way in I could make out the giant ‘Aunt Aggie’s Best Pies of San Francisco’ advert by the cola machine through the bag over my head.

The bag was still on my head but I could hear a man saying with a loud, deep voice “Anthony Brendon, aged 17 years”. That was my name and my age. Suddenly the bag was taken off my head. I nearly took a heart attack. The first sight I saw was my first crush, my first crush which has been dead for almost five years. Her name is Laura.

I was asking her questions, questions I have wanted to ask her for 11 years but she did not answer. She took my hand and placed me on a podium at the end of the room. A light glowed around me and she whispered in my ear “think, think”.

I was here. Here being the hut. The hut being the place where I and Laura first met, where we first kissed, where we first made love and where we grew up together.

The hut had been destroyed five years ago when Laura’s parents moved away after her death. It stood at the back of there old farm house.

When Laura said think I knew exactly what she meant as there were no other place better to think about. It was the happiest time of my life.

She was with me now. She explained to me about how I am dead, how this is my heaven as I have always wanted to live here and more importantly she told me that I will meet five people in heaven. These five people will be the five people who’s lives I have made the biggest impact on and they will decide wither I deserve to stay in heaven or not. She told me that she was the first of the five and that she spent her whole afterlife thinking of me and wishing I was there to hold her hand. We watched the sun set together and slept there under the stars.

It was morning now. I was on my own. Laura had gone and I was back at the school library. I said to my self quietly “was it all a dream” and suddenly a voice said “no”. I recognized the voice. I spun around and to my surprise it was the old school librarian. I was so happy to see him.

His name is Herald and he took a heart attack when I was sixteen years old.

He stood by the checkout desk with that posh yet happy grin on his face.

Herald is the man that I have to thank for knowledge in myths, magic and legends. When I first became interested in the art of witchcraft he gave me all the books on magic I could dream of and taught me everything I needed to know as he was a master in the art. Later on I began to get interested in myths and legends and he taught me even more.

I knew how he made a large impact on his life but not how I made an impact on his.

We sat down at the study spot where I always sat and he told me about me being the best student he ever met. He said his life ambition was to become a librarian as he was extremely passionate about literature and that I was one of two students who shared that passion also. He said that when he found out that I was also interested in mythology and witchcraft along with the other pupil I instantly became not only his favourite pupil but his best friend.

I almost cried when I heard the story as I never knew this before. I was thinking of the other pupil while looking at the empty seat beside me where she always sat. She was my best friend in the entire world. I was thinking that if she were dead she would be here right now as the third person I met in heaven.

Just then the door opened and out came Woof. I know what your think, “Woof, what kind of name is that” but it is my first pet.

I was really surprised to see a pet in heaven but not as surprised as I was when I saw who walked in next. It was Rory, the best friend that I was just talking about, the girl that wasn’t supposed to be dead.

I didn’t know wither to smile because she was here or cry because she is dead.

She came and sat on the empty seat beside me, on the seat where she always sat. She explained to me that she just died but doesn’t know when as she lost track of time in here. She said that this is just as weird for her as it is for me. Rory said that I was the first person she met in heaven and that I was the best friend she ever had. Although I was picked on at school Rory got picked on more not only because she likes mythology also but because of her name. She told me that I was the only one who ever stood up for her and that it meant a lot to her. She said that she could tell me anything and that she trusted me.

The table was complete now but there was still one question, why is woof here?

I assumed that it was because of the fact that he spent most of his time with me and that I was his only owner. Woof got hit by a tractor when I was eight out by Laura’s farm house.

I asked Herald if dogs could speak in heaven and in return he laughed and said “don’t be stupid”.

We sat there and talked all night about how I had to meet one more person in heaven and how Rory had to meet three more because Woof did not count as one of her five as she never met him.

I was wondering how the judgement was going to take place and asked Herald. He said he can not tell me.

I fell asleep and the next morning I woke up to see a little girl no more than six years old standing at my side. She looked very familiar but I could not place her in my mind.

She said to me “you know my mommy, is she okay, you and doggie saved her”. Suddenly it all came flooding back.

One day I was walking my dog (Woof) along the golden gate bridge. I got past the bridge and reached the opening of golden gate park. Suddenly I heard a crash and screaming. I turned around and saw a woman trapped in a crashed car. It must have spun off the road and into a poll. I ran towards the car to try and open the door but it would not budge. I was only twelve and therefore too weak to force it open. There was no one else around so me and Woof ran as fast as we could half way along the bridge to a man walking past. We told him what happened and led him to the car. When we got back the car was in flames and the woman was screaming even louder. Then man made three attempts before finally forcing the door open with all his strength.

Five minutes later an ambulance, fire engine and a car pulled up beside us. The firemen washed out the flames and the medics dressed the woman’s burns. Out of the car came the woman’s wife and daughter. And that is where I recognized the little girl. I saved here mother. Although everyone was happy that the woman was safe my happiness only lasted minutes until Woof ran out onto the road and got hit by a passing car. That is when woof died.

I was back I at the farmhouse although this time I was in the living area rather than the tree house. Sitting around me where the five people I met in heaven.

First there was Laura followed by Herald, Woof, Rory and then the little girl.

I asked Herald if this was the judgement and he said “no, the judgement is over”.

“What” I said, “I didn’t even get a chance to prepare”. “You did not need to prepare” Herald said, “throughout your entire life you have been looking out for others interests. You do not have an evil bone in your body. The five of us decided that you make it into heaven with flying colours”.

So I’m still here now, living in the farm house with Laura. I visit Woof, Herald and Rory all the time in there heavens and I often have them around for tea.

Don’t ask how long I have been here as time travels a lot differently, that is if there’s even such thing as time because you don’t really keep count.

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