True Story Of 12 Years A Slave

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“12 years a slave” was according to a true story about the expedition of a free black man named Solomon Northup in the 1840s that is kidnapped and sold into southern slavery. Steve McQueen the director does a remarkable job master the undertaking of Solomon Northup’s autobiography into a real live-action film. This film causes you to have respect for others that endure the life of slavery. Solomon Northup as a slave and the film continues with a few flashbacks between his present and previous slave life as a freeman.

Solomon Northup played by Chiwetel Ejiofor lives life as a freeman in New York. His skills consisted of reading and writing, and he was also a very talented violinist. Furthermore, Solomon Aside, Solomon had a life most slaves would never experience and he was a well-respected man in his community and the same goes for another family man. One fine day Solomon accidentally meets two men who offer him a job opportunity and he accepts.

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So, he tells his family he took the job and says goodbye; while he believes he is going for his new job. Instead, they drug Solomon and sell him to the slave trade and Solomon have not enough evidence to claim that he is a freeman to spare him freedom. The cruel reality of slave has been showing in this film and the bias of people's color. The film also does a great service to exposing the harsh selling methods show how the families were separated; as they were put on display, nude, for a budding buyer as it is quite disgusting too.

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To relate with the seminar of the global affair, as you can see Solomon is owned by Master Ford of a sugarcane plantation. Solomon also was highly advised against relieving his knowledge and literacy to the white man but went against this when he revealed himself to the master. Ford was kind-hearted and become fond of Solomon, making Ford’s other white angry. They planned out to kill Solomon after heated come across, which lead to a scene of Solomon dangling from those nooses with his toes scraping the ground. Master Ford saves Solomon just in time but has to sell him at the same time because Solomon has caused him too much problem and he needs to overcome his debt. Solomon has undergone all the cruelty for those years and sees how awful life as a true slave. He then meets Patsey, a young black woman who is admired by Master Epps, and his passion for becomes more dangerous when his wife becomes suspicious of him. Besides, Patsey does nothing with Epps she played along to keep her life. Patsey was rape and whip shot has become one of the hardest things to watch.

Then, after 12 years of slavery Solomon finally found a man whom he can trust and look for help through him. The person is a Canadian contractor who is new to work on the plantation. After that, help comes its way to Solomon in the form of an old man, Mr. Parker said that he is a freedman and save Solomon from slavery and return him home after 12 years. Next in the plot we able to give the reason why the film strikes you because it is all true. Even it is a harsh reality that most people do not like to face. Besides, during that time most Americans have thought about slavery because of intermediate and high school history classes. We all do think that slavery is a disgusting and low class in American History, but deep down nobody able to prepare us for those physically seeing those disgusting events.

In addition, those films not only seized the fight of Solomon's life but also observed other slaves suffered through as well. Seeing the behave of these human beings really rallies you up, and at the same time makes you hate society. Some people did not realize the pain and suffering slavery caused in our nation by seeing people being treated like animals which boils my blood. Solomon's acting was played by Chiwetel Ejiofor and Lupita Nyong as Patsey was remarkable. They are an artist and really into it and the happiest scene is where Solomon able to escape from the slavery life and meet his family.

In conclusion, you able to see the overwhelming feeling and cheerful through his face as it was a saintly reaction. Besides, it has assisted the audience and the charm by getting the viewers to feel along with the character, the audience may get going along with the character and bond. Through this, you can create compassion and self-awareness.

Updated: Feb 13, 2024
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