Travel And Culture: Different Cooking Styles And Food Cuisines In China

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China is the country which has the various types of cooking styles and food cuisines which have been able to attract the millions of the tourists and travelers. The Chinese food items make the significant part in the culture of the country. The Chinese cuisine is very popular and famous amongst the locals owing to the yummy and delicious food filled with tasty and attractive appearance. We’ve listed down the most delicious traditional dishes to taste in China so that you can have the best food whenever you visit this country for the purpose of tourism.

Sweet and sour pork:

It is the best delicious food of the country of China with the orange-cum-red color which has the yummy and sour taste. As the matter of the fact, when the dish was introduced, it had only sweet and sour pork but owing to the wish of the locals and inhabitants, the dish was added with some more ingredients in an attempt to make it more yummy and delicious.

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One can replace the pork with the item of chicken and beef. This way, the taste and appearance of this delicious food would turn out to be better.

Kung PAO chicken:

It appears to be the popular Sichuan styled food which has been famous amongst the local inhabitants and the most importantly, foreigners. As the matter of the fact, the main ingredients of this dish are the chicken, dried chili and the most importantly fried peanuts. On the other hand, people of the other countries tend to cook this item in their own matter which is commonly known as gong BAO chicken.

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It appears to be the delicious and yummy cuisine of the China which attracts the people belonging to the diverse walks of life.

Ma Po Tofu:

It is the popular food item which has the history of over a century or so. Ma offers the spicy and yummy taste owing to pepper powder which has to be added to this cuisine and delicious food item. The tofu filled with the milk has to be added with the beef and the chopping onion having the green color. As the matter of the fact, this food and delicious item that belongs to the Chinese cuisine have the potential to attract the locals as well as the foreigners. One should try it whenever he or she makes the way to this country.


It is the food that can be traced back to the ages of the Tang Dynasty. This food is largely consumer in the winters owing to warm nature of the food. It is shaped like the right triangle. These wontons have to be boiled and likely to be served with the item of soup and can also be deep-fried. As the matter of the fact, it is the food which is very popular owing to its taste and appearance.

Updated: Feb 22, 2024
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