Different Learning Styles and Managing Your Responsibilities

Learning styles have a great impact on our life and research shows that different learning styles use different parts of our brain. Learning is a complex concept and as everyone has a different mindset, so the methods to learn also differ and every human being falls into one or more of these categories. There are several learning styles but mainly they are summarized into three which are visual, auditory, and tactile.

  1. Visual- In this learning method, people mostly use pictures or diagrams to learn.

  2. Auditory-This style includes learning by the means of listening and hearing.
  3. Tactile-To learns well, this style requires some type of physical activity.

A number of students get to know that the biggest challenge in adjusting and succeeding in college life is handling their responsibilities effectively. Great consideration should be given to our goals and managing other issues that might be causing difficulties for us in the future.
There is an online test at www.educationplanners.org. which is easily accessible to anyone for determining which learning style suits that person the best.

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I took the test and found out that I’m a visual learner.

I believe that everyone should try out this test and know about their learning style so that they can focus more on that style and learn quickly than just sitting around and wasting time trying to do cramming. There are numerous videos posted online just to show how to study for your learning style.

All learning styles help me build a better understanding of the concept.

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For instance, visuals are helpful, so they are used for PowerPoint presentations popular in schools and even business meetings. These slide shows include videos that are made specifically to enhance learning development.

Auditory methods include speech as the main component. Listening activates different components of the brain and helps retain concepts for a longer period. Debates and speeches are a perfect example of auditory learning styles.

In the tactile way of learning, performing, and not just watching or listening is required. The performing task includes movement and helps with better understanding by bringing it to action through movements of body and brain.

Well, according to me, using fun-filled friendly activities can be an innovative teaching method to learn and engage in a wonderful learning experience. It can be projects, presentations, or acting it out.


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Different Learning Styles and Managing Your Responsibilities
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