Transcendental Meditation,or TM is a technique whereby we allow the mind to experience finer and finer states of a thought and eventually go beyond the finest state of thought, beyond intellect to gain unbounded awareness, pure consciousness in the most natural and effortless way.

This field of pure consciousness or transcendental consciousness is the source of all creativity and intelligence that we display in our active lives. It is the reservoir of creative intelligence, located deep within the mind at the source of thought.

It involves no concentration, contemplation, suggestion or dodging away from thoughts.It is not time consuming & the results are almost immediate .It is the most scientifically validated technique.

Learning transcendental meditation Transcendental meditation can be learnt from a trained teacher. The course consists of sittings of two hours each on five consecutive days. After which the student meditates for 20 minutes daily morning and evening on his own. It is practiced ,while sitting comfortably with eyes closed .

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No specific cramped posture is required. Transcendental meditation can be learnt by anyone regardless of age or level of education, requires no change in belief, food habit or lifestyle.

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Transcendental Meditation

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