Tradition versus Modernity

Change is the only constant in life. Without embracing change, there can be no room for improvement. The same principle applies to society. People must welcome change and modernity as it comes because nothing is constant, and progress is the only direction we must go. Humans must adapt to survive. While tradition has been linked to a person's morality, modernity is the solution for progressiveness. Moving forward can promote open-mindedness, enable us to live a more comfortable life, and provide us with more freedom.

Modernity is often blamed for the loss of values. However, modernity only promotes open-mindedness and knowledge. It is up to individuals whether they choose to pursue worthwhile information. As society becomes more progressive, we are becoming more accepting. For example, same-sex marriage has become legal in many states, and mental illnesses like depression are being recognized and treated as actual illnesses. Many social issues are now openly discussed.

Freedom and modernity go hand in hand. In conservative countries like the Philippines, where divorce is not allowed, people are trapped when they want to pursue a different relationship.

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Modernity has enabled people to live more comfortable lives, and communication and well-being have been greatly improved. Some people may argue that technology is going too far or disrupting privacy, but in my opinion, we need only exercise caution in making use of websites or materials that could potentially harm us.

Updated: Mar 29, 2023
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