Tradition versus Modernity

Change is the only constant in life. There can be no room for improvement if one is content with the way things are. The same principle applies for society –people must welcome change, or modernity, as it comes because nothing is constant and forward is the only direction we must go. Man must adapt in order to survive, for although tradition has been clearly linked to a person’s morality, there is still the undisputable fact that modernity is the solution for progressiveness; in moving forward we can promote open-mindedness, live a more comfortable life and have more freedom.

Modernity is often argued about as being the culprit for the loss of values. This is not necessarily true, as modernity only promotes being more open-mindedness and knowledgeable; it is up to a person whether he/she wants to use this opportunity to pursue worthwhile information. As times are getting more and more progressive, we are learning to be more accepting. Same-sex marriage for example, has become legal in many states, while mental illnesses such as depression are slowly being recognized as actual illnesses and are being treated as such.

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Many social issues are now openly discussed instead of being kept in the dark.

Freedom and modernity go hand in hand. In a conservative country such as the Philippines where divorce is not allowed and annulment is the only option, people are trapped when they want to pursue a different relationship and are unable to do so because of the law.

Modernity has enabled people to live more comfortable lives.

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Communication and wellbeing have been greatly improved by modernity. But of course, there are always people who say that technology is going too far, or that it is disrupting a person’s privacy, but in this researcher’s opinion, one need only exercise caution in making use of websites or materials that could potentially damage oneself.

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Tradition versus Modernity

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