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Our Town Script Report

Categories: Our Town

This act is about Emily’s death and her realization that the living do not understand how beautiful and intense life is until they die and cannot experience it anymore. Emily meets the dead citizens of the town, which includes Mrs. Gibbs, Wally Webb, and Simon Stimson. Discuss the Theme: There are many themes in “Our Town”. One of the themes is that everything changes, in due time. Our life is impermanent. Throughout the play as years pass we are reminded that nothing in life is permanent.

At the beginning of each act the Stage Manager tells us that 3 years has past or 10 or something like that, they the Stage Manager tells us that not only has the numbers in the year have changed the surroundings have as well. For example, the population of Grover’s Corner increases and horses are being used less and less due to the increased amount of cars. We also see the people change as well.

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Emily and George change. They were once children and then in Act two they are adolescents, obviously in love with one another, and get married.

Even after death, the characters change as their spirits forget about their memories of life and their identities. Discuss the Climax: The climax of the play is when Emily Webb realizes that when people are still living, they do not understand what they have. They do not understand that what they have is beautiful, so they do not cherish it, they take it for granted.

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When Emily Webb dies she, herself, realizes this and wonders why she did not understand the beauty until she did not have it anymore.

Emily realizes all of this when she is dead and returns to her 12th birthday party. Discuss the costumes and makeup that would be appropriate for this play: The costumes will be simple and old fashioned because the play is set in the early 1900’s. The makeup will also be simple and seems as though none is applied. Discuss any special lighting that would be needed: Lighting will be needed to focus on specific characters when they are talking, especially if it is the time of night.

For example, when Emily and George are on the ladders talking about algebra there should be spot lights focused on Emily and George while on the ladders to emphasize the fact that they are having a conversation and that this conversation is foreshadowing their love for each other that will lead to marriage. Should we consider producing this play? Why? Why not? Yes, we should consider producing this play because it does not require a lot of setting or props, so we do not need to think too much about the play in those cases. The message is very deep and meaningful. Every member of the audience will somewhat relate their own lives to it as well.

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