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Tourism is travel for recreational, leisure or business purpose. According to the 9th Malaysia Planning tourism the government has an aggressive strategy to attract the tourist. Malaysia is expecting to benefit from the greater intra-Asean travel trade through strong local co-operation, cultural and information exchanges, development of joint tour packages and provide special arrangement for Asean travelers (the star,2006). Tourism growth can be seen with the increasing supply of hotel rooms in Malaysia, which it increase to 38% since the last ten years, from 98,440 rooms in 1998 to 160,237 in 2010.

In terms of the distribution of tourism development growth, it is revealed that each destination was showing different product development stage and each varies in its own strengths in attracting foreign tourists. The Pahang state, as one of destinations with high growth level an it is as the most successful state in terms of attracting tourist to come to that state among all the 13 states and 2 federal territories (Kuala Lumpur and Labuan).

The control of multi world class attractions have contributed to the high level of tourism growth in Pahang.

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It was also exposed that despite the strengths of Kedah and Penang in pulling high level of foreign tourists‘arrivals, by 2009 these destinations were experiencing low level of tourism growth. This indicates that in supporting high tourism development growth in the future, balance planning in resort or rural tourism development and increasing population growth in Malaysian cities is needed.

Therefore, resort and rural tourisms being the two most important sectors require continuous product evaluations to ensure sustainability of high tourism development growth in Malaysia.

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(Hamimahassan,http://web. ebscohost. com/ehost/pdfviewer/pdfviewer? vid=15&hid=19&sid=62b1614e-59fd-4888-92f2-b0212850751a%40sessionmgr12). Home stay is where the guest live, eat and share most of their time and activities in the host country with local residence and their family.

Home stay is a globally trend that been growing rapidly and it is the best way to help the poor and middle income families where it bring the advantages of tourism to this group of people. Commonly tourism sector can be enjoyed by the big investor who invests with the tourism facilities. (Mburu,Solomon,2010). According to World Tourism Organization, 5% of global tourism is growing at the rate of 20% to 30 % per year. From the report of world travel and tourism council (WTTC) illustrate that the tourism industry

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