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Should You Stay in Your Home Country After Graduation?

Categories Career Goals, Country, Economy, Graduation Day

Essay, Pages 2 (377 words)



Essay, Pages 2 (377 words)

Some people think that they should stay in their home country while others don’t. As far as I’m concerned, I should stay in my home country Tajikistan. But in order to make a contribution to the development of Tajikistan’s economy and industry, in my point of view, they need to have experience in the field of their job.

I’m my opinion it’s obligatory for me to stay in my home country- Tajikistan and to make a contribution to the development of my country.

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Because my home country could give me all the conditions to live in peace, to grow up properly, to graduate. The people who didn\’t leave Tajikistan after graduation or after the Civil War did their best to help me. But now it’s my turn to stay in Tajikistan and create a better future for future generations. I need to give back to the people and to the country what did they do.

That’s why I should stay in my own country after graduation in order to make my home country greater and greater every single year.

Overall, youth in the future of my home country- Tajikistan, as 61% of Tajikistan includes the youth. Approximately 58% of Tajikistan\’s GPA comes from the youth but still in Tajikistan 62% of people are unemployed even though 80% of youth are getting a college diploma. So, yes I\’m for staying in my home country after graduation, but is it really worth staying in my home country when there is nothing to do? At the moment Tajikistan doesn’t need youth who graduated from University and cannot work properly, start their own business, make startups, and contribute to the development of Tajikistan.

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For example, when students from Tajikistan complete Tajik State University, they are not able to find a job in their area of study, but just work as a simple driver or worker. For that, people should have a specific amount of year in order to get enough experience from developed countries.

Tajikistan needs us, but in order to be more helpful to the development of my homeland’s economy industry and trade, we need to be experienced in our area of study, and in order to realize it, we should work and get internships several years in developed countries.

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