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The push and pull motivational theory is referred by Dann 1977, the research of the theory explained why people travel and the tourism motivations of traveling. Dann 1997 mentioned that the reasons of pushing people go to travel are being anomie and ego enhancement. The push factor is related to the personal social- psychological motives, such as they want to escape from the routine of daily life to seek for some relaxation, the boredom might lead them to have the motivation of traveling.

These are the factors that pushing people go travel and take a vacation, but the force of the motivation are tended to intangible. It also unrelated to the destination, it mainly related to satisfaction of their social needs. For example, a group of friends are planning to have a trip after exam, they might don’t care about where are they going to, they only want to go with someone they care about and enjoy the great time with them. Dann also considered about how people making their decision of where are they going to, which might related to destination attractions, promotional activities, such as pride parade, beer festival or Toronto International Film Festival. There factor could make people decide where to go on their vacation.

Crompton also supporting Dann’s pull and push motivational theory, he also mentioned 2 motives which are cultural motives and social psychological motives. He identified novelty and education that put them into a cultural motives. There are seven motives that identified by Crompton that provided the same message but more details than Dann’s push elements of anomie and ego- enhancement ( Beeton 2006), which are escape, relaxation, social interaction, kinship, self exploration, prestige and regression. In Crompton’s pull factor, which is similar to Dann’s pull factor. People usually want to do a new things that they have never done before.

The different between pull factor and push fact are very apparent. Push factors are mostly tended to internal, people decide to take a vacation usually based on their social-psychological. For example, they need to take a rest from their daily life or annual gathering, honeymoon or find a new adventures. Moreover, people might consider the place that they have never been as their next destination. Dann identified pull factors are tended to external. For example, it consisted to the destination attractions, like
Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty and Edinburgh.

Push and Pull factors is helping the district government to develop their tourism industry. To understand the tourism motive and what is the propose of the tourism visiting that place is beneficial to the tourism provider to meditate the service for visitors. Such as, tourism provider can hold a special event like beer festival, parade or invite some pop star for charity. It can attract visitors who want to sight seeing and seeking some appealing attractions. Meanwhile, if the tourism provider gives a tourism a good expression, they will come back to visit again. It can increase the government revenue and promote economic development.

The pull and push motivational theory provided the reasons of why people travel. Since tourism is increasingly become one of the revenue from government. Tourism provider should clearly understand what the visitors need and what they expect to experience in our city. Also, the government should focus on civilization and build up a image of the city like Paris, Italy and Roma, which can bring more new visitors to travel your city.



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