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Today I debriefed my classmates Madeline and Jocelyn on their likes and dislikes of their mobile phones. After hearing their opinions, I have come to the conclusion that both of them have similar qualities that they look for in their cell phones. The first thing that both girls told me was that they both mainly used their phones to keep in touch with family and friends over text, call, and social media. The pair also said they enjoy taking photos and having a place to store them, but often become frustrated that they can’t always have cell service.

On top of that, Madeline said she really loves that her cell phone is portable, however, dislikes the fact that she has limited space storage, and that her phones battery charge doesn't last. On the contrary, Jocelyn is keen on downloading apps that are fun but doesn't like that there is the possibility her phones information getting leaked from the cloud, especially because her phone was so expensive.

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The girl's mobile phones are essential to their daily lives, but overall both girls have issues with their phones, yet they still have many positive things to say about them. After doing much research on the benefits of several types of smartphones, I think the best phone for me is the iPhone eight plus because it has the most features that I am looking for. Personally, I don’t use my phone for many things other than contacting people and a few applications. The iPhone eight plus comes with the standard applications that all iPhones have, messages, phone calls, and facetime.

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The nice thing about these applications is that I can use them as much as I want with other iPhone users free of charge. Conveniently these are the applications I use the most on a daily basis with family and friends.

The iPhone eight plus has many aspects, the ones that influenced my decision the most are the water-resistant outside, the autofocus, the two-tone display, and the 3d touch. Another application that I probably use the most is Podcast. I listen to podcasts all the time when I'm getting ready for the day, or before I go to sleep. This application is free of charge and has a great range of free podcasts to listen to at any time. Another asset of the cell phone is that its design is super stylish and it comes in a beautiful shade of red that is my personal favorite. The phones five point five retina display makes viewing the easiest for me because of its large screen. Overall I should purchase the iPhone eight because it has many assets that I can use on a daily basis to make tasks easier for me and many applications that I use for entertainment.

Updated: Sep 02, 2021
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