The World’s Most Misunderstood Breed of Dogs

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When many people see a pit bull or the breed is mentioned they instantly stereotype them as being aggressive and monstrous beasts, this however is not the case as all! Pit bulls have been breed over the years as fighting dogs. The owners have raised them to be extremely violent and attack other dogs by treating them harshly and training them to do so at a young age. However, over the years people have wrongfully stereotyped pit bulls because their owners have trained them to be violent.

The only dogs that do are the ones that have been trained to do so by humans. The humans are the ones who have created this so called “monstrous beast”. Pit bulls are the world’s most misunderstood breed of dogs that have been wrongfully stereotyped against for many years. It is a myth that pit bulls are genetically driven to kill people. “Dogs are not machines; they are living organisms. Like all living organisms, a dog’s behavior is influenced by both genetics and environment.

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How a dog owner manages his or her dog will determine whether the dog becomes a danger to humans.

No dog is driven entirely by genetics to attack people, and no dog breed has been created or bred into such a state that all dogs of the breed are compelled to attack people. Dogs that are raised as beloved family pets do not kill people.” This statement above fully describes how not all pit bulls are aggressive and how if raised properly they are amazing dogs.

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This shows that pit bulls can be aggressive but that is only because they have been brought up in an environment that encouraged aggressive behavior and were rewarded for it by their owners. Also, according to American Temperament Test Society the American Pit bull Terrier has a very high passing rate of 82.6%. This statistic shows that Pit bulls are good tempered dogs and are not all aggressive. The American Temperament Test Society also shows that the average passing rate is 77%. This means that Pit bulls are above average when it comes to temperament compared to many other breeds of dogs. This same source adds that Pit bulls are less likely to attack than a Rottweiler, German shepherd, or a Chow.

This evidence shows that a Pit bull is no more aggressive than any other dog. Pit bulls have been given a bad reputation that they cannot seem to shake. This reputation has caused this type of dog to be banned in parts of the United States and across the country. It is sad knowing that there are other breeds of dogs that are just as likely to be aggressive and yet Pit bulls have been stereotyped as the most aggressive breed of dogs. Many people have stereotyped the breed before they have ever encountered a Pit bull, I am actually guilty of this. Before I had ever come in contact with a pit bull I thought they were naturally aggressive dogs and boy was I wrong. My sister’s boyfriend, Antonio, got a Pit bull and we all decided to name her Coda Bear. She is the sweetest dog ever and is in no way aggressive. I have two Golden Retrievers and when Antonio brings Coda Bear over to play she is very submissive to one of my dogs, Bailey. I would say that Bailey is probably more aggressive than Coda Bear. Recently Coda Bear got out of her fenced yard and dog into a dog fight. And right now I am sure that most of you are thinking that Coda Bear started it, but this is not the case.

Coda was attacked by another dog and didn’t even know how to defend herself. She ended up in the hospital and had bite marks all over her. The hospital automatically assumed that Coda had started the fight and told Antonio that his dog might have to be put down if they found that she was aggressive. After interacting with Coda at the hospital and doing an aggressive test on her the hospital found that Coda was in no way aggressive. When attacked by the other dog she did not attack back, she simply took the abuse until the attack was broken up by Antonio. Coda Bear recovered quickly and is her perky happy self again that we all know and love. Whenever Coda sees someone she doesn’t want to attack them; she just wants to run up to them and lick their face till it is sopping wet from all her kisses!

My experience with a Pit bull has proved to me that Pit bulls are loving dogs that have been wrongfully judged and stereotyped. Pit bulls were not born wanting to hurt or even kill any animal or person; they were trained to do it. The owner created that aggressive dog, the dog did not choose to be this way. Many people simply forget this and automatically assume that the breed itself is aggressive, when it is really the owners who train them to be this way. Also many Pit bulls are being euthanized when taken to a shelter because they believe that they are aggressive dogs and that no one will want to adopt them. Pit bulls were originally known as “nanny dogs” because they were so great with kids and were very tolerant and loving. Since people began fighting Pit bulls they have lost this reputation. Hopefully they will get this reputation back because they truly deserve it; they are wonderful dogs.

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The World’s Most Misunderstood Breed of Dogs

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