The women’s emancipation Essay

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The women’s emancipation

The women’s emancipation is not the reason for an increase in crime. This is a harsh oversimplification. In reality, before the women’s emancipation, there was still crime against them. Husbands could beat their wives, there were murderers out preying on innocent women, and there were several opportunities where a woman would be limited because of her gender. While this is something that has been going on for a long time, the only thing that the women’s movement has done as far as crime goes is bring these offenses to light.

When it comes to gender roles, women too have their own to live up to. For example, women live in a world where in order to fully succeed they must be smart, ambitious, and pretty. Even if one has the drive and passion for something, if they are not beautiful, they will struggle all their lives to become successful. Not to mention the stress that is put on women to be thin, get married and have children, despite their own personal goals. Overall the gender role theory works both ways. The patriarchal system dominating every society is simply not true. In some societies the roles are switched.

For example, in the province of Yunnan, China is a group of people who call themselves the Mor Soue. Here is a tribe that is completely Matriarchal. In this society, the head of the family is the mother or grandmother, and the rest of the household who lives with her are either her siblings or children. She alone bears the responsibility of paying the bills and feeding the family. In this tribe they do not marry, a father does not even raise his own children. This leads to the conclusion that not only can societies survive without a patriarchal system, but actually has the ability to flourish and maintain.

As I stated earlier, the women’s emancipation is not the reason for an increase in crime. While one would surely like to believe this, it is an oversimplification. The woman’s emancipation is merely giving women a voice to speak against many crimes against them, which would have gone unnoticed if it had happened in the past. References Matriarchal Society still exists in China . (2005, 11 5). Retrieved 5 26, 2010, from www. thingsasian. com: http://www. thingsasian. com/stories-photos/3481

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