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The Virtue of Simplicity

Assignment #6

According, to Gambrel and Cafaro in “The Virtue of Simplicity” both should convince that virtue is totally dead wrong because virtue ethics approach to morality and virtue ethics says that you should do whatever the virtuous person would do. And the virtuous person would do whatever promotes eudaimonia. Virtue ethics says that “you should do whatever the virtuous person would do”. And the virtuous person would do whatever promotes eudaimonia.” Then where virtue ethics tolerates ambiguity, it focuses our attention on the traits needed to navigate it.

because it’s hard to cultivate what you can’t name. For example, people can be self- honest with themselves or have the self-respect. We all that virtue is used for any character trait people wish to comment, so it refers towards to those qualities whose possession we believe makes a person a good and able to succeed in characteristic or important human endeavors, and which also help pothers to do. With the virtues is tied to one’s conception of what people is happy, being successful in something and have something that value’s them which it is to them meaningful.

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Human beings have essential needs that must be met so it is applied towards a certain amount of our time and attention to meeting them. By the few people into the society would look to a person’s eating habits to discern whether they are just or wise, but I think that people that have bad eating habits should just stop eating and go exercise and live a better healthy lifestyle, it is important in life.

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Where farmers should be compensated, food animals treated and never should eat whatever they want it causes people with health problems because the processed food when selling in the grocery store. Financial over-commitments are another leading cause of unhappiness in modern America.

Part of material simplicity is old-fashioned where not buying things unless we are sure we can afford them and there is some rational justi?cation for doing so as Americans have worked longer hours in recent decades where people being depressed by working so many hours at their jobs. By passing on the new car or expensive vacation it causes people work a lot less because the stupidest reason they want go a vacation or a car that is not affordable from them where the cause and effect they become broke. The idea of freedom is the most basic thing, but it can go downhill when you don’t any money where the virtue of this you is going to jail if you steal or burglarized someone’s house, so freedom is a privilege not a right. With people showed a lack of freedom and can includes to lead up to fear, anxiety, and being unhappy. Millions of people have these options but are unaware of them, so automatic have their transportation decisions become. This cluelessness limits their freedom. Money cannot always buy self-esteem, wisdom, or love. It cannot buy the friendship or respect of people whose friendship and respect matters. But I have to disagree because you can have right friends, but you have to choose very wisely and you should get respect of where it is earn. With citizens also have smaller homes and thus less room to store super?uous possessions and less space to heat and cool.

Anyone can cultivate simplicity, anywhere, if they commit to living a deliberate life. Some had claim that is only a virtue for middle-class or rich members of wealthy societies which it is not true both can make bad choices for example spending to much money like buying pair of shoes, clothes, jewelry and cars especially the rich is very greedy which they do not care about anybody but themselves. It goes without saying that poor people face different consumer decisions than rich people. It also seems clear that compared to rich people, poor people will more often be rationally justi?ed, on prudential or moral grounds, in striving to increase their consumption. Still, poor people like rich people, need to make intelligent consumer decisions; in fact, they may have even greater need to choose wisely and with discipline, because they have a smaller margin of error of consuming less may allow poor people to stretch their limited resources further, to better support their ?ourishing and the ?ourishing of their families.

Consuming too much, in the absence of the safety nets safe guarding wealthier classes or nations, may lead to disaster. So, the virtue de?ned as’ ‘simplicity” arguably remains a virtue for poor people and perhaps even for very poor people, although the word may no longer be appropriate perhaps at some point’ ‘discipline” better captures what is needed in the realm of consumer choices which in the view virtues are virtues because they further ?ourishing in the world as it actually exists, warts and all, or because they help us improve it .Individuals may choose to ?ght injustice, or focus on furthering their own well-being within particular unjusted parameters so they can strive to rise out of poverty, or make their peace with it

There is critics of virtue ethics that often accuse it of provide enough help in solving people problems. When trying to figure out how to behave, we should get some advice like what virtuous should do. But virtue ethics can provide more advice with larger of moral rules, each based on doing what is virtuous or being avoided what is vicious that’s what is a temperate, loyal, modest, generous, compassionate, and courageous person is. With the avoid acting in that manner that is being greedy, deceitful, malicious, unfair, short-tempered person is. Virtue ethics always a problem of conflict with one another.

However, if you are going on a vacation and happen to see your best friend sleeping with some random women or maybe there is a virtue of honesty and that points to tell your friend of what’s really going on it is not morally right at all. Virtue can be more implausible and so far, to be demanding when a virtuous person has offered very little instruction by deciding for what it is. When virtues should be appreciated by both virtutes and vices clearly it can be offered with very little instruction by deciding for what it is so virtue ethics can be balanced out so. The ethical theory is providing to clear the rule that can tell them what exactly of what is to be required for each new situation of having a lot of expectations that sight a high bar which that virtues is bound to be disappoint.

Virtue ethics can be positive or a negative where the virtue of the idea involves with criticism, many people argued that it can face many problems that the moral advice that offered it based on a person’s level of wisdom and experience. It will never be morally because with virtue ethics we have to learn the hard way of anything that can reflected or being discussed.

Every moral theory should be required to have exercise an good judgment by applying its rules and the virtue ethics can require more of any people rather than any other theories . It brings a drawback where only if it morally where it can be more precise than any virtue ethicists can believe, whether that it can reminding to be seem. A virtue person can tell us what an virtuous person would do in any situation where it becomes an standard of excellence that it is almost possible to reach.

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