Essays on The Time Machine

Too Much Happiness
Words • 612
Pages • 3
I sat there, in my chair, and stared in wonder at my creation. A smile suddenly had appeared on my face, as I realised the magnitude of my creation. I could achieve greatness, it was all in the palm of my hands, and I was going to hold it tight. I suppose the whole thing had been an accident, for I had never intended to create such a thing, but what a thing to create. Since I was a very…...
HappinessThe Time MachineTime Travel
“The Time Machine” by H.G. Wells
Words • 922
Pages • 4
In “The Time Machine” by H.G. Wells, the Time Traveler confronts a future that has apparently developed into a communist utopia, a belief system that Wells, a socialist, might well have supported.  The Traveler’s immediate reaction to the Eloi and his initial assumption that society has devolved into a classless cooperative reveals Wells’ bias towards a classless society. He also depicts the future as a beautiful, fruit-filled land instead of the dirty, smog-ridden reality that was Victorian era London. It…...
DestinyThe Time MachineTime Travel
Time Machine
Words • 387
Pages • 2
If I could spend a day with one person…. Human being is the God’s creature which is created with intelligence, emotion, and passion. In human’s life, there will always be something or even many things that is wanted or repented. Therefore, human often wishes to meet someone whom he really yearns, someone who can correct his repented mistakes or someone who can meet his needs. If I could spend a day with one person, I wish it will be Doraemon.…...
The Time Machine
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The Time Machine
Words • 1201
Pages • 5
The history of this short novel is imformational. It shows Wells developing and exploring the idea consistently over several years, as his rate of production would restrain him from ever doing again. In many ways, The Time Machine is his most complete work; a thorough development of the Darwinian ideas he had absorbed at the Normal School of Science and that would form the bedrock of everything else he did throughout his career. (. N. p. Web. 7 Feb 2014.)…...
The Time MachineTime Travel
The Time Machine: Retelling and Analysis
Words • 2144
Pages • 9
The narrator recounts the explanation of two difficult ideas by a man he refers to as the Time Traveller to an after-dinner group. The group includes a Psychologist, a Medical Man, a Provincial Mayor, and a few other men. The Time Traveller shows them a smaller prototype of the time machine, and when he pulls a lever, it disappears--into the future, he claims. At the next week's dinner, the Time Traveller comes in midway through the meal, haggard and limping.…...
The Time Machine
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