The Three African American Pioneers

I will be talking about the three African American Pioneers that each had different specialization and professional background. The Three Pioneers I have chosen are James Arthur Bayton, Mamie Phipps, and Inez Beverly Prosser. James Arthur Bayton was born in 1912 in Whitestone, Virginia and died in 1990 (Abramson, Barnett and Lack, 2005).

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In 1935, he obtains a B.A. and M.S in Psychology and later he obtains his Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania (Abramson, Barnett and Lack, 2005). Landmarks and Contribution, James Author Bayton was an associate professor of psychology at Virginia state college from 1939 to 1943(Abramson, Barnett and Lack, 2005). After 1943 he became a social science analyst with the U.S department of agriculture (Abramson, Barnett and Lack, 2005). He was also a chairman of the committee appointed and he contributed direct Marketing research and was responsible for research projects (Abramson, Barnett and Lack, 2005). He published: Tension in cities-Three programs of survival, single stimulus versus comparative methods in determining taste Preference (Abramson, Barnett and Lack, 2005).

The Three African American Pioneers The second African American Pioneers, Mamie Phipps, was born April 18, 1917, in Hot Springs, Arkansas and died on August 11, 1983, in New York (Abramson, Barnett and Lack, 2005). In 1938 she obtains her B.A. and in 1939 she went for her M.A from Howard University (Abramson, Barnett and Lack, 2005). Lastly, in 1944 she received her Ph.D. in Psychology from Columbia University (Abramson, Barnett and Lack, 2005). Land Marks and contributions, she was a member of directors of the New York Mission Society and served several advisory groups (Abramson, Barnett and Lack, 2005). In 1946, Mamie and her husband Kenneth Clark established the Northside Center for Child Development in a Harlem apartment basement (Abramson, Barnett and Lack, 2005). Her publications, ‘segregation as a factor in racial identification of Negro Pre-School Children (Abramson, Barnett and Lack, 2005). ‘The Development of consciousness of self and the emergence of racial identification in Negro Pre-school Children’ (Abramson, Barnett and Lack, 2005).

The third African American Pioneers, Inez Beverly Prosser, was born in 1897 in Yoakum Texas and Died in 1934(Abramson, Barnett and Lack, 2005). She studied at Samuel Huston College and obtain her B.A in 1924. After she received an M.S in educational psychology from the University of Colorado (Abramson, Barnett and Lack, 2005). In 1933 she went for her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from the University of Cincinnati (Abramson, Barnett and Lack, 2005). Inez taught education at Tillotson college in Austin Texas and she was the first Black American woman to receive a PH. D in education psychology (Abramson, Barnett and Lack, 2005). Her publications, The Non-Academic Development of Negro Children in Mixed and Segregated School’ (Abramson, Barnett and Lack, 2005).

In this assignment, we learn how the black psychologist from different specializations helps African American children, who were discriminated, due to their racial identity. I believe every individual should be treated equal no matter what color we are. I feel the contributions of these psychologist have form psychology in a good way because we can now diagnose and treat mental issues and behavioral.


Abramson, C.I., Barnett, R., Lack, C.W. (2005).

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The Three African American Pioneers

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