The Struggle of Africans in Cry the Beloved Country, a Novel by Alan Paton

A line is drawn in the dirt to separate white and black Africans. The black side is poor, deprived, and malnourished, while the white side is wealthy and content. Hatred is created by this separation of a single country’s people. Families are torn by the terrible conditions. This is the reality of South Africa in Alan Paton’s novel, Cry the Beloved Country, a story that follows the journey of Stephen Kumalo, a Christian priest, who journeys into the socially and politically unjust regions of South Africa, including the city of Johannesburg.

Kumalo’s adventure is fueled by the search for his sister, Gertrude, and his son, Absalom. Kumalo and his family suffer through the loss of his beautiful land, his son, his sister, his brother, and a great supporter of the black community’s rights. Cry the Beloved Country proves that families are broken by the larger power of an oppressed society. This is apparent when Gertrude leaves to search for her husband, when Absalom is put to death for the murder of a white man, and when Arthur Jarvis stands with the black community to support a better future.

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Gertrude left her peaceful village to search for her husband. Her husband was forced to leave his family because of the unjust society they lived in. With work being scarce, Gertrude’s husband ventured into Johannesburg to search for work. This is the beginning of a family being torn apart because of the oppression put on the black community by the white.

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The loss of work has taken two members of Kumalo’s family from him. When Kumalo finds Gertrude he is ashamed to find what she has become. He finds out that his own sister has become a prostitute in the city. Gertrude turned to prostitution because she was unable to find work and unable to find her husband.

Absalom, a young black male, is put to death for the murder of a white male. Absalom goes to Johannesburg to search for his aunt, Gertrude. While in Johannesburg, Absalom starts to carry a gun for protection. He carries the gun to scare other people. Arthur Jarvis scares Absalom while in his home and got shot. During his sentencing, Absalom is not given mercy. With the ultimate sentence of death, Kumalo is forced to lose his son. Absalom carried a gun for his protection. The society causes such a huge scare in the black community that they are forced to take extreme measures to make sure they are protected.

Arthur Jarvis, a white man, is one of the biggest supporters of black rights. Arthur talks about in his writings that people see educating blacks as a un Christian deed. People do not think that white families can be broken by the injustice, but that is the exact opposite. The obvious example is when Arthur Jarvis is torn from his father by his being murdered by Absalom. During his life, Arthur Jarvis is never understood by his father. James Jarvis does not understand his son’s views on equality. Arthur Jarvis try’s to support the rights off all black people.

Black Africans are held on one side of a line. White Africans stay on the other. This line in the dirt destroys families in many different ways. Gertrude leaves her family to search for her husband and for work. Absalom flees his village to search for his family and work. Arthur Jarvis is physically ripped from his family when he is murdered. Arthur was also broken torn from his father by beliefs. South Africa is a country torn apart by the classic black versus white. The idea that blacks should not be educated forces families to leave each other and search for opportunities.

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The Struggle of Africans in Cry the Beloved Country, a Novel by Alan Paton

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