The Structure of Family

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In this sophisticated centaury, there are many reasons includes for changing family structure such as gender relation, sex or gender divisions of labor and typical life cycle patterns and so on. As a consequence, there is vast different between in teenage organize their lives as workers and as family members of family networks. "The structure of family is changed then its impact on child education, emotion, social and family dynamic." The suggestions of the quick changed and growing variety are frequently below and unsetting.

Family is also helpful to understand in new ways. Family is like branches on tree brought up in various directions but still their feelings are same for us. So never break their trust and understand each other.

In this contemporary era, family structure is changed due to the increase in single-parent families. This type of thing is created because of conflict between spouses. This is also created depression in child and also impact on their education. Both spouses is not understand each other that's why happen some problems.

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Sometimes children see that my parents fight each other than children learn eagerness, jealousy. Understanding power of children is also decreased and they always argue among people.

Parent always fight each other and then they have no more time for spending time together with child so that child feel lineless, they can't share their feel with parent. In that type of situation, child goes in under depression and their mind isn't worker as compare to the normal child. Brake of parent is also impact on performance of child in school and in peer relationship.

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In Canada, approximately 38% of marriages end in divorce due to the misunderstanding, conflicts and so on. People are consumed drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, cannabis that's why they can't control their mind, body and then creates conflicts between two couple. Remarriage is impact on child because when he or she married with other then their children feel

loneliness. Affair is also creating conflict between them because he or she doesn't like to each other and always blame on each other. Many people live under one roof and all people mind are not same so they like to live as nuclear family that's lead to change structure of family. We can't spend more time with children because when we are live together then work load is increased as compare to nuclear family. Some people like live independent life that's they live life as nuclear family. Poor family planning or fertility also changes family structure. In some case, women can't able to born any child due to fertility.

In India, generally people like baby boy because it's increased their ethnicity. They thinking that girls consume more money as compare to the boys. We all know that when girl become young then their parents spend money behind their marriage. But some women can't able to born a baby boy because of not match genotype, phenotype and DNA that's create conflict between them because men want a baby boy and women can't capable. Canada had lowest rate as compare to the euro North American world. Single parents also have some burden such as how to handle all things together, financial crisis. Single parents play both roles of mother as well as father so it's little bites tricky to handle all things in same times. That's all lead problems in family. New generation people have new thought so grandparents understand feeling their children or son or daughter. So, understanding is improved relationship between us.

Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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