The Pros and Cons of a Traditional Family Structure

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There are many different family structures. There are some that affect the child and some that help. Many children work better when they are in a “traditional” family but some others have only known blended families. There is not really a certain standard for a family. It's not like it used to be where there was this standard of like no divorces or no step kids. There are many good and bad things about the traditional” family. Some of the good things are that they know all of their brothers and sisters and they know their mom and dad and can be close with their parents.

And you also have a chance of knowing how your family should possibly be. Some of the bad things when you have a traditional family is you don't really have as much freedom. When you ask to go and have fun with friends they sort of have more standards of what you should do. Traditional families have higher standards for what their kids should do.

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Traditional families aren't all fine and dandy like we all think they are. I personally have never had the traditional family but I know many friends that are considered a traditional family. In a traditional family there are sometimes a lot more fights then in a blended family. Sometimes the only reason families stay together is because they feel like they should for their children or for the community. Sometimes they aren't together for them it's for the people around them that shape their relationship together.

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There are some traditional families that are an exception for that though. In a blended family there are some advantages but there are much more disadvantages. The disadvantages are that you sometimes don't know all of your siblings. You might not even know both of your parents or either one of your parents. Another disadvantage is that you don't get to see what the ideal family should be like unless you have friends that are the traditional family. One of the advantages is that sometimes it is better for parents not to be together. Sometimes the family is better without one of the parents or with a step parent. Also most of the time blended families are a lot happier than traditional families. My family is considered a blended family.

There is a variety of different definitions for a blended family. It's not concrete like the traditional family is. In a blended family you sometimes have more responsibility but you have lower standards for what you can do with friends. It really just depends on how involved your parents are in your live. Some parents have too many kids to worry about what one is doing. There are many advantages and disadvantages to traditional and blended families. Neither one is better than the other. Most people would want a traditional family over a blended family but that does not necessarily mean that it is better. It all depends on the family and especially the parents. You would not want to be in a family that everyone fights all the time even if it is what looks good for the community or your parents. I would love for my family to be considered a traditional family when I start my own family. But by that time the blended family will then be considered traditional.

Updated: Sep 10, 2022
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