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The Statutory Framework for the early years foundation stage is the early years framework used in the UK and is mandatory for all early years childcare providers.

The Early years foundation stage (EYFS) not only provides a learning and development framework but also covers safeguarding and welfare requirements which are given legal force by the Childcare Act 2006.

Early years children between birth and 5 develop quickly and to fulfil their potential they need the best start in life possible. To ensure children are school ready providers must meet the standards set by the early years foundation stage statutory framework.

The EYFS seeks to provide in all early years settings, quality and consistency and a secure foundation through learning and development opportunities, this is achieved through planning and assessment ensuring that each child is able to make good progress. No child should get left behind and the needs and interests of each individual child are taken into account and are assessed and reviewed regularly.

It also seeks to promote a good working partnership between parents and practitioners. It ensures all children have equality of opportunities by the use of anti discriminatory practice.

The EYFS specifies requirements for learning and development and for safeguarding and welfare. All early years settings must structure activities and experiences around the areas of learning and development. Providers must help children work towards their early learning goals and have arrangements in place for assessing and measuring progress and be able to fulfil the requirements for reporting to parents and carers.

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The EYFS covers the requirements that providers must take to keep children safe and promote their welfare.

The EYFS has four overarching guiding principles that should shape early years settings these are defined as: every child is a unique child positive relationships teach children to be strong and independent enabling environments allow children to learn and develop well recognition that children develop and learn in different ways and at different rates.

Child Protection

This provides guidelines on the policies and procedure needed for child protection and responsibilities within the setting

I am responsible for the safeguarding of all the children in my care. I completed child protection training in July 2013 this needs renewing every 3 years, so is due in July 2016.

I work with an assistant therefore I am responsible for and I have given her training in the understanding of my safeguarding policies and procedures and training to help her identify possible sign of abuse and neglect.

If I have a concern about a child I can seek advice from my childminding support and development officer.

If I have a child protection concern, I report concerns to the Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO)

In emergencies I should contact the police

I must inform Ofsted or childminding agency of all allegations of serious harm or abuse.

Suitable People

Providers must ensure that all persons working with or who have regular contact with the children are suitable

I have ensured that everyone who is over 16 who lives at my address or who has regular contact with the children has had a Criminal Records Bureau
(CRB) check.

It is my responsibility that all staff has had a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check completed before being left alone with any child. I have also made all staff aware that they are expected to disclose anything that will make them unsuitable to work with children.

I am aware of my responsibilities under the Safeguarding Venerable Groups Act 2006

I am aware that I must not continue as an early years childcare provider if I am disqualified or anyone living or working in my household is disqualified. I have read section 75 of the Childcare Act 2006

I have an alcohol and drugs policy which is reviewed yearly and staff have been given a copy

I am required to supply information as set out in Childcare (Early years register) regulations 2008, to Ofsted or the relevant childminding agency.

It is my duty to make referrals to the Disclosure and Barring Service if any staff member harms a child.

I am required to notify Ofsted or the relevant childminding agency of any significant event that may affect my suitability to have contact with children. I am also required to provide information as stated in section 75 of the Childcare Act 2006

Staff qualifications, training, support and skills

Information on staff qualifications training requirements and responsibilities within the setting.

I have given my assistant induction training covering all policies and procedures.

I understand that I and anyone who is in sole charge of the children must have a paediatric first aid certificate and that it is renewed every three years, due for renewal in January 2016.

Key person

Each child must be assigned a key person

I understand the benefits of every child having a key person, so one is assigned before they start this allows continuity of care and a better settling period for children and parents.

My assistant would report to myself for advice or support

Staff:child ratios

Explains the staffing ratios for the different types of early years providers

I am responsible for ensuring I only have the number of children permitted by the ratios specified by (EYFS). I have an assistant so I can be more flexible with parents changing shift patterns.

I have a signed permission from all parents to leave their children in the sole care of my assistant for short periods

If further advice was needed I would contact my Childminding Support and Development Officer or Ofsted for clarification.


This give guidance on the policies and procedures required for the health and safety and responsibilities within the setting.

To promote good health I have sickness policy and hygiene policy in place and procedures for administering medicines. I am responsible for keeping written records of all medication and use an online system that records and allows parents access to sign the records.

I have signed permissions from all parents to administer non-prescription medication and get permission for prescribed medication as required.

I have a healthy eating policy; the parents are given a copy of it as they provide meals and snacks. All parents are given a form to fill in about their children’s dietary needs, allergies etc before they start.

I have not been on a food hygiene course, but if I start preparing food I will arrange to do one first. I have registered with the food standards agency.

I am responsible for the safety of the children and have an Accident & Incident Policy.

I have first aid boxes available in multiple locations and these are checked regularly to ensure all items are in date. I am responsible for notifying Parents and Ofsted of accidents and injuries and use an online system that records and allows parents access to sign the records.

Parents are notified as soon as practical of any administration of medicine

I am required to notify Ofsted or the relevant childminding agency of any food poisoning if two or more children are affected.

Any accident or injury is reported as soon as possible to the parents and or carers

I need to Inform Ofsted and my Insurance Company of more serious events

If necessary I may need to contact the local Social Care and RIDDOR.
I can contact PACEY or my Childminding Support and Development Officer for additional advice and support.

Managing behaviour

Guidance on behaviour management.

As I responsible for managing the children’s behaviour, I have a behaviour policy and simple house rules that help me achieve this.

If I have to use some form of physical intervention to prevent a child from being hurt this will be recorded as an incident in my incident log.

Parents will be informed as soon as possible of any unacceptable behaviour or incident involving the need for physical intervention.

Safety and suitability of premises, environment and equipment Provides guidelines on the following health and safety legislation, fire safety and hygiene requirements. Information on the premises space requirements and guidance on risk assessments including outings.

I have a Fire and Emergency Evacuation Procedure Policy reviewed yearly or when an incident occurs.

I have Smoke alarms on all floors and a fire blanket in the kitchen which I check are working regularly.

I have a Smoking policy and new guests are informed on arrival that there is no smoking anywhere.

I responsible for organising my premises to allow enough space for all children taking into consideration their ages, I have worked out on the maximum space required for any day.

To fulfil the requirement to provide outdoor space I have a small secure patio area that may be used most of the year by all the children, we also regularly visit local parks when more space is required.

Sleeping children are visually checked regularly and monitored continuously.

To further the safety of the children all doors to the road and garden gates are kept locked, visitors are asked to sign in and out, unknown individuals are asked for a password given by the parents before children are released into their care.

I have public liability insurance which is renewed annually.

I continually risk assess, but where I feel a particular activity or specific issue may have an increased risk then I complete a written risk assessment.

I am particularly cautious during outings and risk assess many of the activities I also have a lost or missing child policy, Health & safety policy and business insurance for my car.

Additional help on risk assessment can be obtained from the Health and safety executive (HSE)

Special education needs
Guidance on supporting children with SEN

I give all children in my care the opportunity to reach their full potential I am responsible for supporting all children I have an Equal Opportunities Policy.

I can contact PACEY or my Childminding Support and Development Officer for additional advice and support.

Information and records
Provides guidelines on record keeping and information sharing, procedures for dealing with a complaint and changes that must be notified to Ofsted.

I am aware of my responsibilities under the data protection act (DPA) 1998 and have registered with the information commissioner’s office (ICO)

Information about the children is kept in a secure online system but I also have paper copies in case of an emergency during a power failure.

All information that I am required to make available to parents is on the online system, this can also be made available in paper copies if parents require it.
I have a complaints policy that details to the parents what to do if they have a complaint.

I am aware of the changes that I am required to notify Ofsted or childminding agency of and keep up to date with changes by Ofsted email alerts.

Additional support can be obtained from the information commissioner’s office.

I am required to notify Ofsted of any changes.

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