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In this chapter presents the review of related literature and studies, the theoretical framework, conceptual frame work, and the definition of terms used. Related Literature Malunggay The “malunggay” in the Philippines, is “saji” in Indian Subcontinent is a popular tree. Many Asians use the leaves of Malunggay (Sajina) like spinach and also the fruits it produces as a vegetable, like asparagus. Both the leaves and the fruits are very nutritious, which contains many vitamins like Vitamin C and other minerals.…...
FoodFrameworkMoringa OleiferaVitamin C
Leadership Framework
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Leadership holds a very prominent place in academic literature and has attracted academicians’ attention over the years. Many researchers have worked on identifying various characteristics of leaders and have developed leadership frameworks (Chiapetta, 2004). This paper will seek to form a new framework which draws upon the research that has already been done. There are four components to the framework presented here- personal qualities, a clear vision, change management, and decision-making ability. Personal Qualities: A leader needs to demonstrate some…...
FrameworkHuman NatureLeadershipPersonal CharacteristicsPsychology
The Cranor Model Framework
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The Cranor model framework was proposed by CMU Professor Lorrie Faith Cranor to identify and analyze security issues caused due to human error. The human-in-the-loop security framework is introduced in this model to analyze the human role in a secure system, identify potential failure modes and find ways to reduce the likelihood of failure (Cranor, 2008). This framework analyzes systematically the role of human on wide range of secure systems and their design problems, including anti-phishing warnings and password policies…...
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Framework as a Service
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Abstract A fire fighting robot including a frame assembly and fire detection and extinguishing mechanism disposed on or within the frame assembly for ejecting a fire Suppressant onto a fire. The robot also includes a caterpillar type of drive including a left and a right endless metal belt or track with an independent drive unit on each side of the robot. The left and the right motor are provided for rotating the endless belts to move the robot in a…...
The IT Governance Framework
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The IT governance framework right now in utilize at the University of the Southeast may be a centralized, IT Government. All IT-related choices are firmly controlled without communications to the people specifically influenced by the choices. it looks like there are no choice rights in place at the College. No one contains a "role" per say within the decision making when it comes to the IT administration framework. It is fair the CIO making recommendations, and after that the staff…...
Cloud ComputingFrameworkInformationInnovation
The Octalysis Framework Review
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Learning is hard work that requires persistent effort and dedication, and finding the motivation to engage in that work is particularly challenging for students when they don't have evidence that they are capable of success and have no aid on how to overcome their barriers to success. The language that is used in teaching, the structures that are built into the normal classes (including use of technology), and the scaffolding that is chosen to use (or not), all signal to…...
Here the overall logical and runtime view of the framework is defined
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Here the overall logical and runtime view of the framework is defined for easy understanding of architecture.Figure 9 describes the logical view of the architecture considering all the 11 characteristics and contains five of the 11 characteristics in it. In the interdependence between modules, the dependencies are modified with newer versions. There are different layers at which modifications take place which is shown as part of Levels. There are many legacy structures having different kinds of connection between parent, child,…...
ComputersFrameworkSoftwareSoftware EngineeringTechnology
A Framework for Thinking Ethically
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The article “A Framework for Thinking Ethically” analyzes the main concept of ethics. The authors explores the arguments of what ethics is and what ethic is not, why ethics is important, five sources of ethical standards, and advises a 10-step framework for making ethical decisions. First, this article helps identify what ethics is not. It points out that ethics is not based on the law and culturally accepted norms; it is neither religion nor a science; and it is not…...
Common Assessment Framework
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The Common Assessment Framework has been developed as part of the Every Child Matters strategy. Every Child Matters: Change for children is a new approach to the well-being of children and young people from birth to age 19 and is the government's response to the report into the death of Victoria Climbie - so that never again should a child ‘slip through the net' and be put in the way of abuse, harm, neglect or, as in Victoria's case, murder.…...
Theoretical Framework for Hr Thesis
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Definition of Motivation and Employee Motivation Definition of Motivation Many contemporary authors have also defined the concept of motivation. Motivation has been defined as: the psychological process that gives behavior purpose and direction (Kreitner, 1995); a predisposition to behave in a purposive manner to achieve specific, unmet needs (Buford, Bedeian, & Lindner, 1995); an internal drive to satisfy an unsatisfied need (Higgins, 1994); and the will to achieve (Bedeian, 1993). According to John R. Schermerhorn (2010), the term motivation is…...
FrameworkHuman NatureMotivationPersistence
The Requirements of Current Frameworks
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Both the EYFS and Key stage 1 frameworks expects children to take part in regular exercise, in the EYFS this area of learning and development is called physical development. There are 3 main areas of development, and as all three areas are interlinked it is important that each area is taken into consideration when planning children’s play and learning. In the EYFS there is a clear requirement for children to spend some time outdoors as part of the safeguarding and…...
The Computerized System
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Introduction This chapter entails the theories and terminologies used by the proponents to build and design the computerized system. A theoretical framework is a collection of interrelated concepts. A theoretical framework consists of concepts together with their definitions and existing theories that are used for your particular study. The Theoretical Framework must demonstrate an understanding of theories and concepts that are relevant to the topic of the research. [THEFR] The Purpose of Point of Sale System with Inventory System for…...
Advanced TechnologyComputersFrameworkOperating SystemSoftwareTechnology
The Cynefin framework
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SLIDE ONE The Next framework we chose to look at is the “Cun nev in” Frame work!! The Cynefin framework was originally developed in 1999 in the context of knowledge management and organisational strategy by Dave Snowden. Cynefin mean the place of multiple belongings. This frame work allows people to see decision making from a different view point, assimilating complex concepts and addressing real work issues. Using this framework allows leader to define and analyse there own business problems and…...
A Conceptual Framework of Accounting
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A conceptual framework of accounting can be considered to be a normative theory of accounting. A conceptual framework makes prescriptions in regards to what the objectives of accounting are, what qualitative characteristics general-purpose financial information should possess, how the elements of accounting should be defined and when they should be recognised and how the elements of accounting should be measured. The view often promoted by various advocates of conceptual framework projects is that it is difficult and perhaps illogical to…...
The implications of the P-O-L-C framework
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How might the implications of the P-O-L-C framework differ for an organization like Goodwill Industries versus a firm like Starbucks? What are Goodwill’s competitive advantages? It is engaged in a quasi-public service i.e job training, employment placement services are non-rival but exclusive, so Goodwill stands to make lots of profits in countries were there is a high unemployment rate while keeping even in countries with low unemployment. Goodwill has found success in the social services. What problems might result from…...
Curriculum Framework Assessment
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Assessment is an important part of our curriculum framework as it both enhances learning and provides opportunities for students to reflect on what they know, understand, and can do. It also provides the guidance, the tools and the incentive for the teachers and the students, as well as the curriculum makers, for them to become more competent, more skillful and better at understanding on how everybody will learn. INTENDED VS IMPLEMENTED VS ACHIEVED CURRICULUM INTENDED Curriculum IMPLEMENTED Curriculum ACHIEVED Curriculum…...
CurriculumFrameworkMultiple Intelligences
Framework for the Assessment of Children and their Families
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The Framework for the Assessment of Children in Need and their Families (which I will refer to as the assessment framework in this assignment) is an ecological framework that includes personal, intra-personal, inter-personal and sociological influences on development. It was developed in response to findings from a programme of research on child protection (Department of Health 1995), and a series of government inspections (Social Services Inspectorate 1997a,b). Social workers often have to balance the needs of children and families with…...
AbuseChild developmentChildrenFamilyFrameworkRisk
The legal status and principles of the framework
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Explain the legal status and principles of the relevant early years framework and why the early years frame work emphasises a personal and individual approach to learning and development The legal status and principles are set out in the EYFS. This is a mandatory framework for all early years providers which is used in all schools and early years child-minders. The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is a term defined in Section 39(1)(a) and (1)(b) of the British government's Childcare…...
Theoretical Framework: Compassion Fatigue
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Compassion fatigue, which is also known, as secondary traumatic stress is a natural effect that occurs as a result of taking care of patients who are in pain, stressed, suffering, or traumatized. Compassion fatigue commonly affects nurses who show extreme empathy for patients and their relatives. Empathy is the act of putting oneself in another person’s situation or understanding one's feelings (Walker & Alligood, 2001). It has always been a nurse’s role to show empathy to patients and their relatives.…...
Compassion FatigueFrameworkHealth
Applying the VRIO Framework
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Barney and Hesterly (2006 ), describe the VRIO structure as an excellent tool to take a look at the internal environment of a firm. They state that VRIO "represent 4 questions one should ask about a resource or capability to identify its competitive potential: The Concern of Value: Does a resource allow a company to exploit an environmental opportunity, and/or neutralize an ecological hazard? The Concern of Rarity: Is a resource presently managed by just a little number of completing…...
The Three Teleological Frameworks and Deontological Frameworks
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List and discuss in depth the three teleological frameworks and the three deontological frameworks. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Of these six frameworks, with which one do you most associate? Teleological frameworks focus in the results of the conduct of the individual is favorable or not. The three teleological frameworks are ethical egoism, utilitarianism, Sidgwick’s dualism. “Ethical egoism is based on the belief that every individual should act in a way to promote himself or herself if…...
The different areas of learning and development
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1.1 The different areas of learning and development include six main areas which are also linked to the EYFS framework, education programme which applies to young children of all ages. These areas of learning and development include personal, social and emotional development. This focuses on children learning to make new relationships, building their behavioural skills and self control, also other important aspects of this area of development is that children should have a good level of self confidence and self…...
The Statutory Framework
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The Statutory Framework for the early years foundation stage is the early years framework used in the UK and is mandatory for all early years childcare providers. The Early years foundation stage (EYFS) not only provides a learning and development framework but also covers safeguarding and welfare requirements which are given legal force by the Childcare Act 2006. Early years children between birth and 5 develop quickly and to fulfil their potential they need the best start in life possible.…...
Regulatory Framework for Financial Reporting
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Introduction In the next couple of pages the author will firstly discuss the main advantages of the crossroad growing adoption of IFRS, and how does it particularly benefit investors and managers. The author will also be discussing the most significant challenges of the adoption and expansion of the IFRS in the future. Further more the author will, suggest how the IASB and its key constituents should face these challenges and overcome them. IFRS International Regulatory framework for financial reporting Before…...
Legal framework for social work in United Kingdom
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Legal structure for social work in UK Introduction Social work is specified as an expert and academic discipline that will look for to have enhancement on the people, groups' and communities' quality of life and their well-being through having policies, performing investigates, organizing communities and teaching for the good of the individuals affected by social limitations that might consist of hardship, psychological and physical illness, social injustice including infraction of human rights. International (Federation of Social Employees 2000). These groups…...
FrameworkHealthHuman rightsLawRightsSocial Work
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