The Stark Contrast Between Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman

Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson's work have various contrasts. Compared with Dickinson's brief and apparently straightforward words, Whitman's is long and regularly unpredictable. However, both twentieth-century scholars share a few likenesses when dove into completely. Although their methodology's distinction, they frequently manage similar subjects, and both created their own special style of writing.

Dickinson's compositions on death is progressively mind-boggling and incomprehensible, and unquestionably dark. She illustrates death, as an observing ruler or a convincing lover. In one of her progressively most -known poems, 'Because I could not stop for Death', passing resembles a compassionate courter.

A considerable portion of her different poems are about the moment when someone dies. In 'I heard a Fly buzz-when I died', Dickinson endeavors to clarify what exactly occurs at the limit of death. She portrays the experience as tangled as she endeavors to characterize that minute with striking pictures and sounds. Despite the fact that Whitman and Dickinson expound on death in various settings, both appear to feel obligated to handle the issue more than once.

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They continue depicting it in their works. It is similarly evident that neither one of them felt threatened from death. Whitman refers to his approaching passing in the last stanza of 'Song of Myself'. He continues utilizing nature as a symbolism for the man's connection to death in his works.

Truly, the two of them utilized death and nature as a typical point however their poems are vastly independent. Whitman's style of composing is exceptionally bright, energized and extended, and the utilization of catalogues, diction and Free Verse, for he was the principal individual to do as such, are being applied.

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Dickinson's state of articulation is dark, short, baffling and continually about the hunt of the spirit either previously or after death. The stark contrast between these two authors allows the reader to look at the concept of death from drastically different perspectives.

In their personal lives Dickenson and Whitman were very different. Emily Dickenson was a very closed person who did not speak much, in fact at one moment in her life she stopped talking as a whole, which caused her to keep her poems short and use slant rhyme. Walt Whitman on the other hand was a very loud and open person who did not fear on how he would express himself and could talk for hours, thus the long poems that are easy to read and understand.

Updated: Feb 21, 2024
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