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The red Room

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It makes the reader realise something is going to happen in the red room so it then increases the tension. The final technique used in “The red Room” is the setting; the setting of this story is typically gothic because it is set at night in a haunted castle which has history of murders that have taken place in the castle. The example from the story that I have chosen is, “large shadowy room, with its shadowy window bays, its recesses and alcoves, one could well understand the legends that had sprouted in its black corners, its germinating darkness”.

This typically gothic setting makes it a scary atmosphere, it shows the darkness of the castle at night and it increases the fear that the character has and so it therefore makes the reader more attracted to the room and the story making them want to read on. This quote causes imagery because it helps the reader imagine the scene and what the room would look and feel like so it makes the reader feel apprehensive.

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The gothic elements used in “Confession Found in a Prison” are death, murder, blood and the man was alone in a dungeon while he was writing before his death, which is a typical gothic setting.

One of the techniques used in “Confession Found in a Prison” is a metaphor; the example used is, “his mother’s ghost looking from his eyes”. This metaphor is used to describe the way the man felt about the boy’s mother and even though she was dead, he could still see the boy’s mother and he didn’t like it.

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The metaphor makes the reader realise this and it also makes the reader perceive that the man is going to do something to the boy so that the reader then wants to read on to see what happens. The metaphor therefore builds up enigma and tension.

Another technique used is a simile; the simile used in the story is, “like the memory of a dark dream”. This simile describes the way he feels now the woman has died, the simile is saying that he remembers her but he doesn’t want to remember her and it feels like she is haunting him. The simile causes the reader to feel like they know more now about the way he felt about the woman and the way he feels now. It makes the reader feel like they know that there was a history between them and that it didn’t do the man much good because he didn’t like being untrustworthy or less likeable than his brother who always seemed to be perfect.

The next technique used in the story is personification. The personification that is used in the story is, “if a breath of air sighed across it, to me it whispered murder”. This personification indicates to the reader that the man is beginning to regret what he did to the boy. It suggests that the man now has the boy’s blood on his hands and he can’t stop thinking about it because any time anything happens near where the body lay, he didn’t like and it reminded him of what he did and also the reason he did it. The next technique used was the typical gothic setting when the man is writing in the dungeon.

The story says, “Alone in this stone dungeon with my evil spirit”. This is a typical gothic setting because he is alone and he is in a dungeon which is thought to be scary and horrific and sometimes haunted. He also refers to himself as another person away from his evil spirit because he didn’t want to kill the boy, his evil spirit did. This setting encourages the reader to realise that the character is sorry for what he did, however it also makes the reader remember that he did kill the boy and was caught out and he will suffer the consequence of death the next day himself.

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