The present research contributes towards the Impact of PA and OC on

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The present research contributes towards the "Impact of PA and OC on QWL in the selected private organization of service sector in Lucknow". In the light of numerous literature gaps within the existing body of information, the research area, which encompasses the Lucknow environment, required a certain degree of theory building.

Although there is several organizational concepts and theories are available which has been proposed by the early researchers in order to understand why employee feels problem in adjustment in the organization and leave their organization; high rate of attrition and absenteeism still considered one of the biggest challenges which is faced by Indian private firms as well as global firms.

The study offered significant implications both for research as well as practice for retaining employees and strengthens the theoretical foundation of QWL, PA and OC by illustrating validity of the constructs among service sector employees. The study developed a construct of QWL and uses one of the early developed construct of OC and PA with some changes.

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It presents a new outlook for researcher through which these constructs can able to be studied. The results of the study further advocate that PA and OC play a vital role in employees work life qualities. The findings make unique contribution in the field of QWL by extending the relationship with PA and OC.

The study also offers numerous practical implications. The empirical results put emphasis on the role of QWL and OC in keeping the best human resources from leaving the organization.

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When looking at both positive and negative aspects of quality of work life among employees, the study provide a more holistic understanding of QWL outcomes that workers may experience while working in organization and dealing with different situations. The present study ascertain that employee who work in good culture also experience satisfaction in their organization as well as personal life even though they are exposed to high levels of work-related stress and the hassles of day to day working life.

Furthermore, by investigating the factors that influence one's QWL, the research has identified certain factors that are associated with PA and OC. While observing the result of analysis, among the factors of PA, Appraisal support have high significant positive impact of QWL. Its mean individual's appraisal support plays a major role in approaching QWL. Employees with high appraisal support are more likely to use others help in handling and solving the problems, they feel comfortable to talk about their personal problems and feel free to take any advice about making career. Self-esteem support also has significant positive impact on QWL. Individual with high self-esteem are more likely to use belief that he or she is capable of performing a task and more confidence about their ability to succeed in it, while the people with low self-esteem are more likely to lessen their effort or give up altogether.

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

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