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The News: An Unexpected Happening

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (375 words)
Categories: News, Society, Terrorism
Downloads: 15
Views: 339

News is information about a recently changed situation. We can find news from different sources like television, radio, newspaper and the internet. We all talk about the variety of news in our daily lives that are filled with stories about war, terrorism, crime, pollution, inequality, drug abuse, and oppression. Whether or not the world really is getting worse, the nature of news will interact with the nature of cognition to make us think that it is.

The news is ubiquitous, we cannot stop checking it all the time on our screens, but what is it doing to our minds?

Alain De Botton asserts that the news holds an identical place in our modern society as religion once did, but we do not recognize its effect on us. In his book, Alain De Botton writes 25 news stories – from an air crash to a murder, a celebrity interview to a political scandal. Every single news makes a different impact on our daily lives.

A study found that watching negative news can increase anxiety. Nowadays most of the people use the internet as a source of getting news. We do not get appropriate stuff on mass media, the fake news on internet put false effect on people. These types of fake news encourage people to make false assumptions. Sometime tragic news stories capture our consciousness. Like the news of terror attack in India which completely makes every person stressful. In that incident, about 40 soldiers are there on a bus, and terrorists suddenly blast that bus. After this happening, all social media like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp all are filled with this news, everyone who sees this news was getting depressed by seeing the same thing on media again and again and filled with anger towards Pakistan. People start hating all people of Pakistan. They became inhuman.

However, news also has a positive side. News makes us aware of happenings in the surroundings. Most everyone wakes up in the morning grabs news, educate themselves on the worldly happenings. It contributes to transforming our cultural and social masses and brings a change in the attitude and belief of a common man. People get opportunities for jobs as it also provides information about available jobs in different companies.

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