The movie Abominable written and directed by Jill Culton and with his

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The movie Abominable, written and directed by Jill Culton and with his co-director Todd Wilderman, was able to produce a film filled with adventures and magical journey. China was the chosen setting of the movie.

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China was considered to be the world's most populous country. It was also said to be an ancient country having a profound history.

The movie is about Yi, a Chinese teen aged girl who found a helpless wounded Yeti, a magical creature in their rooftop in the middle of the night while playing her violin.

She later finds out that the Yeti has escaped from a certain facility and was being chased by the men that works there. A rich old man and a zoologist are the one who made the order to find the missing Yeti for their personal interest and gain. Yi became friends with the Yeti and together with her two friends, she helped Yeti return home to his family. The purpose of this paper is to interpret Jill Culton's Abominable movie using Formalism Approach.

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It will be interpreted by stating how the movie maintain its consistency of the genre through the use of settings, characters and the objective of the movie.

Abominable was a fantasy movie mixed with adventure. In the movie, Jill Culton uses magic to develop Everest's character while for Yi, she was given a talent to play violin taught by her father who was already dead. It is also used to be consistent with the genre of the movie. For the other two characters, they were emphasized by having different personality base on their story of life in the said film. The setting was in China showing its different tourist attraction. It was first started at Shanghai, China and to preserve its setting up to the ending, the characters traveled to different places in China. And in every place they visited they get to experience thrilling adventure. At the near end of the movie they put a twist about Yi. She later posses a magical power while playing her violin and it became the key to save the Yeti from the dangerous zoologist. The magical powers of the main characters became the answer to return the Yeti to its home.

The Abominable movie satisfy its viewers through enchanting powers and adventures of the main characters. It also shows magnificent places and cultures that may be seen and experience in China. Viewers might see a story about friendship, family, teamwork, and love. The film was excellently made that it will capture the heart of the audience. Showing the joyful and full of adventure journey of Yi, the Yeti, and together with their friends makes it more exciting to watch the fantasy movie.

Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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The movie Abominable written and directed by Jill Culton and with his essay
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