The Most Valuable Thing in Life Is Friendship

The Most Valuable Thing in Life is Friendship. Do You Agree? Discuss

A world without friendship, what would it look like? It would be like a world without water, which is something that is necessary to our life as most relationship in our life, namely rivalry, best friend and couple; begins with a simple friendship. Therefore, in my opinion, yes, friendship is indeed the most valuable thing in life as friends learns with you, be the listener to you, and gives support to you whenever you needed them.

Having friends does not make you weak; in fact it makes you stronger than ever as true friend helps to cover each others’ weaknesses. Similarly, when parents are busy to teach you your school works or unable to teach you because parents are having lower education level than you are, people always choose to study with a group of friend together whereby they might be able to learn faster that way. In fact, people tends to share their difficulties in life with friends than their own family because they feel awkward and scared that parents might started to scold or ground them once they told the hardships they faced.

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While you did not mention about the problem to anyone, a true friend can see the pain you are hiding behind a fake smile on your face and they will always be there for you. Therefore, friend is an alternative for a good listener because a true friend will never spread the miserable or embarrassing stories you faced to others as they know the true value of friendship.

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Apart from that, a true friend always supports you whenever you feel down or depressed. Whenever you are sad, they will lend you their shoulder for you to cry on or even crack some cold jokes occasionally to make you smile and happy again. While cheering you up, they would give you advice on how to handle the difficulties wisely for example, when people had a quarrel with their parent and ran away from home, a friend would advise them to make up with their parent rather than making things more complicated.

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To conclude, it is undeniable that every single person that enters your life may affect your future therefore, friendship is very important and you must choose your friend wisely to have a better future else it will harm you badly in various ways. Friends give us supports, never failed to make us smile when we are in sorrow and our lives will be much better with their existence.

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The Most Valuable Thing in Life Is Friendship

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