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The Most Suitable Government for China


The country selected for this assignment is China, which has been entrenched in a dictatorship for several years. The assignment entails the recommendation for a new governmental style, briefly describing the principles that the leader must-have. It also entails the functions of governmental branches, along with recommended economic structure, domestic programs for maintaining public good, and method for socializing the citizens to create national unity. Foreign concerns are also highlighted while recommending which international organizations can help in economic and security concerns, and how to combat domestic as well as international terrorist threats.

Domestic Concerns

Style of Government and its Principles

Democratic government will be more suitable for the country, in which the power is preserved by the citizens; however, it is implemented indirectly by a system of representation as well as delegated authority. The power is based on the consensus of the governed, where open elections and civic participation is essential. There are political unity and consideration for fundamental human rights (Magstadt, 2016).

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Branches of Government and their Functions

There are three distinct branches of democratic government, including executive, legislative and judicial, each having different powers for supporting the democratic government. The legislative branch comprises of House and Senate, which makes the laws, announces war, controls regional and overseas trade, taxing and expenditure policies. The executive branch contains the President, his advisors, numerous agencies and departments, and enforces laws. While the judicial branch entails Supreme Court and Federal Judicial Center, they assess the laws approved by the legislative branch, decides whether the laws conform to Constitution, and apply the interpretations to solve disputes (Norris, 2011).

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Public Good Domestic Programs

The program for enhancing national defense is needed, in which expenditures must be provided for military services, arms, and intelligence gathering to enhance homeland security and emergency aid for an unstable condition the country is facing presently. It will protect the nation’s citizens and territory from threats (Weida & Gertcher, 2019). Moreover, program for enhancing national security is needed, by maintaining a suitably high tariff to avoid foreign goods and preserve the manufacture of domestic goods. It will be used to maintain an ample food supply during war situations, which can be achieved by providing production subsidy (Kirshner, 2013).

Economic Structure

In the wake of financial instability of the country, the market economic system, i.e. capitalism will be most beneficial, being grounded in the concept of free markets. The government will have little interference and no control over resources, and people will regulate the supply and demand, private property, and accumulation of capital (Kasser, 2011). It can facilitate substantial economic growth and provide people with the incentive to maximize profit, where no one will initiate the use of physical force for economic gain (Magstadt, 2016).

Socializing for Creating National Unity

Political socialization through mass media can be used to create national unity among people. All forms of media in addition to the internet are the most influential agents of political socialization. People can get political information through news, newspaper, websites, articles, blogs, and can also be involved in political debate through online discussion forums. They can also use online mass media and internet to vigorously participate in political practices, for example election campaigns. These activities can contribute towards the political socialization and ensure that the democratic system endures even during political stress (Istman, 2014).

Foreign Concerns

International Organization for Economics

The country will ask for help from World Trade Organization (WTO), which was founded in 1994. It is the largest intergovernmental economic organization with a goal to ensure smooth, predictable, and free trade flows, by reducing tariffs and trade barriers present due to war or unstable country’s conditions. Through its trade agreements, member states of the WTO know what the rules are and can comprehend the penalties for violating them. Therefore, the organization will ensure successful trade relations even in economic crisis or war. To join the WTO, the government will initially define all features of its trade and financial policies. Secondly, parallel bilateral talks would begin among countries regarding tariff rates, market access obligations, and policies for services and goods. Lastly, terms of accession will be finalized and presented to the General Council. Subsequently, if two-third votes of WTO members are in approval, the country will become the part of organization (Blavoukos & Bourantonis, 2010).

International Organization for Security

The country will take help from the United Nations (UN), which was established in 1945. Its central body known as Security Council helps in determining the presence of risk, violation or acts of violence against the peace of a country. It makes commendations and decides steps that can be taken to uphold or reestablish global peace and security, which is required due to present unstable conditions of the country. To join the UN, the nation will submit a proposal to the Secretary-General, affirming that it consents the obligations of Charter. If the application receives 9 out of 15 assenting votes of Security Council members, it is presented to the General Assembly. Subsequently, if two-third votes are given by the Assembly, the state is accepted as a member of the organization (Blavoukos & Bourantonis, 2010).

Ways to Combat Terrorist Threats

Surveillance systems can be used to combat domestic terrorist threats, through audio-video surveillance aids, CCTV cameras, and GPS monitoring. These methods generate exact and inclusive information of any possible terrorist movement and allow taking immediate action. Moreover, numerous security agencies and elite tactical divisions, such as special mission units, can be utilized to combat international terrorism. Their responsibility is to take preventive actions against possible terrorist attacks, directly involved with terrorists, rescue hostages, and to retort to ongoing attack (Combs, 2017).


Democratic government is most suitable for the current conditions of China, where a capitalist economic structure can yield most benefits. Along with the association with WTO and UN, programs are required for enhancing national defense and national security. Political socialization through mass media and internet can also help create national unity in the wake of crisis. While surveillance systems, as well as security agencies, can be used to combat domestic and international terrorist threats.


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