The Most Disastrous Day Ever

The day had come. The day I was really waiting for. It was my birthday. The best day of my life, as I woke up and I expected a lot, mainly from my parents .They promised me to buy it on my birthday and am sure they bought it for me.

The thing they promised to buy me was really! Really! Expensive device.

First of all as soon I awakened my parents wished me and they gave me a surprise where we altogether cut a cake and celebrated but·.

They did not give me any gift, and so probably they must have forgotten about the promise. I became very heavy hearted .my mood had all ruined and so I went and slept in my room thinking the day was over ,but no that was not it the day had not ended.

After few hours my mother came to wake me up for lunch. With no moods at all I woke and I went to the dining table for lunch and my parents took me to the garden when I was blind folded.

As soon as I reached the garden I was extremely SHOCKED, I saw something I could have never thought of.

It was a car called Mercedes.

I was so happy to get that splendid car. I gave a really tight hug to my parents as they full filled the promise. I was so excited to use that superb car and drive my friends and family all around many different places around the city.

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The car I got was black in color ,had a medium size and had very comfortable was just the finest car and it was so ,so, so· perfect for parents got me a car just like I really wanted from before.

We decided to go for a long drive in the new car after lunch and we decided to go to Impala Park. I decided to go to book the entry ticket on your own in the car and so on the way something that was much unexpected happened to me just on my first drive in my new car.

I met an accident where a big truck came and knocked my car from the back and crushed and dented the whole back part of my car and it was very horrifying. I was stunned I had no clue what to do as it was a brand new car, if I told my parents about the accident I met on the way they could be very unhappy and mad as it was a really expensive car and it was brand new. But then again I had no clue what to do .Fortunately I was not injured otherwise the problem could have been inferior.

I finally decided to tell my parents since I had no clue what to do. I was so alone and so I really needed my parents assistance .and so I called them as soon as possible and they rushed from home and came to me and got me out of trouble there .well along we went home and they really yelled at me.

Setting that car was also very costly and so I was told to earn money myself to repair that car and I was only allowed to use the car when it was fully fixed .For that I had to do some small odd jobs .It could be very difficult to study and at the same time I had to work .Life was very tough.

Since I want to become doctor the next day I went to the hospital to ask if they could give me job as a student. At first they did not really want to agree and so I had to tell them my situation after I told them the incident that happened with me they understood me and finally decided a job in the pharmacy department .where I had to work for 5 hours for a day, I could work anytime but it must be 5 hours since I was also a student.

They decided to pay me 12 000 per month which was more than n enough. I decided to work for three months, actually working was a kind of a double side advantage for me, I was also paid enough and I could also get practice which can be so useful In future because I anyway want to do dentistry in future, and so it can be easier for me in future as I will have learnt how to operate a pharmacy earlier .so basically I have got some advantage right?

The next day as soon as I reached home after school I freshened up and had some snacks in a hurry as I had to reach there as fast as possible .the earlier I reached the earlier I came back home. And since the next day I also had to go to school I had to try my best to finish all the wok and go home early.

So basically they taught me how to do stock counting, inputting the stock data into the computer, names of the medicines kept in different sections of the pharmacy and last but not least they also taught me how to read the doctor’s prescription and give out medicines according to the doctor’s prescription this was the best part of the pharmacy as it is the thing I loved to do the most.

The first month passed! .second month passed! And so the third month passed to!

It was the day where I waste gather all the money I earned and give it to my dad so that he could give the car to the mechanic so it can be repaired. I had no patience, I really wanted to sit in that car and drive it again as fast as possible but this time ‘carefully’.

After a few days, after about like 3 weeks my parents called me outside to see the car saying it was fully repaired .I went out in the yard .my eyes could not believe what they was another new car which my parents bought for me to replace the previous one. They saw how hard I worked me the hospital for the car and were impressed, so they decided to buy me another brand new car to replace the other car. I was very, very, very happy.

I thought they will repair the old one and give me to use, but no they understood me well and he decided to buy me a new car to re place my ‘old’ we all decided to go for a long drive in the new car as we could not go before when we decided to, and person who drove the car was my dad. We really enjoyed that day where we went to the park then after some time we went to acacia for lunch and finally we went for shopping ,to but accessories for the car for example a car cover ·

I promised my dad to use the car very carefully as it was a very expensive car. And because of the accident I met I was restricted to go to some places with the car and I agreed to all their rules happily as they bought me a new, nice and expensive car. I love my parents so much they are the best parents in the on that day I decided to us e the car as carefully as possible. I use my car very wisely and judiciously after that day on.

Thanks mom and dad for the new car!

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