Netherlands: Economic Progress, Immigration Impact & Policies

WW2 came to an end, Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxemburg came to an agreement in London which aloud free transport of goods within their borders. Later on in 1951 Netherlands went on to join other countries in forming the European coal and steel community which played a big impact in economic growth as it rebuilt the countries from WW2. The treaty of Rome was then signed in 1957 by these same countries in which thus treaty guaranteed free trade within the region. Netherlands is one of the largest exporters of agriclutural products thanks to the EU’s development of agriculturak policy which started in 1958 when agricultural minister Sicco Manshors was made European Agricultural commissioner.

Later in 2009 the treaty of Lisbon was put into the Union inch which this treaty developed a number of reforms to make the EU politically better, easier, and more effective. THis treaty had a positive affect on the Netherlands and the democratic status of EU gives the Netherlands even better opportunities to preserve its interests.

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In the most recent Prime minister election Mark Rutte’s centre- right VVD won. The Dutch citizens as well as all other EU members saw this as a victory for the EU. Many saw this result as a victory fir democracy and against extremism and many believed that it was a very - pro european result. This victory also had positive affects on other members of the EU such as France and Germany. Germany wo seats in parliament and france was to elect a bew president with the right national front forecast to increase its votes thanks and these are both thanks to the victory.

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Netherlands is a constitutional monarchy since 1815 and the people party for freedom and democracy is a conservative-liberal political party in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is ranked 10th among the 44 countries in the European region and its overall score is above the regional and world averages. Its freedom score is an outstanding 76.2 percent. Its unemployment rate is a 3.7 percent which is much lower then the European Union average which is a 6.7 percent. The GDP per capita is an amazing 53,598 USF compared to EU average of 36593 USD, and its GDP anual growth rate is a developing 2.4 percent compared to the EU’s that is only 1.9 percent. Its emplyment rate is 78 percent and its yout explyment rate is 62.3 percent, these as well are both higher then the EU average which is 72.2 percent emplyment rate and only 34.7 youth emplyment rate.

The Netherlands has a diverse and stable econmy ranked as 5th largest in the Eurozone. Immigration is huge in the Netherlands. Almost 20 percent of dutch population are immigrants or children of immigrants. The majority of immigrants that came to the Netherlands are people originally from Turkey, Surinam, and Morocco. Most of the migrants reasons for coming to the netherlands are to reunite with family or form a new family with a none dutch partner. In 1998 37 thousand migrated for these reasons. Also in 1998 Over 15,000 people came to the Netherland because of Labour issues in their countires, making them not able to sustain themselves thus, they had to migrate to netherlands in search of a better way of life. In addition, in 1998 Over 17 thousand Asylum seekers came to Netherlands to fleed war and possible death. Most of these asylum seekers came from Iraq and Afghanistan and now one in three non- dutch immigrants arriving to the Netherlands come to seek asylum or rejoin someone seeking alylum.

Immigrants do lower the country's economic status. Unemplyment rate for immigrants is higher then that of Native Dutch people because of the poor knowledge of dutch, low levels of education, and limited work experience. Average immigrants also have less money then the Average Dutch person. As well as crime rates are higher then average among the young immigrants. 8 percent of immigrant youngsters have been suspected of crime while only 4 percent of the Dutch. Policies were made to increase the self-sufficiency of newcomers. Immigrants were required to pass an integration exam that tests their knowledge of the Dutch language and society. The Netherlands is currently the only country in the world to demand knowledge of language and society from its inhabitants before allowing them to stay.

Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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